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Luke Hardison
So last night, I had a crazy Shadowrun-esque dream.

In that strange way that you know things in dreams, I knew that my partner and I were getting off of our motorcycles in front of the home of a decker that we had been hired to kill. The guy was a recluse who was paranoid about magical security. All of the doors in his house were made of what we kept calling "fairy dust", which was apparently a magically active packed powder. Strangely, if you touched them in just the right place they would crumble into dust, but they were supposed to protect the house from a mage's attack. Hey, it's a dream - I don't even always use the rules the right way when I'm awake!

We snuck through the house, touching doors and making them powder, and arrived at what I can only describe as a psycidellic rave. I snuck up behind the guard at the door (who looked an awful lot like Samuel L. Jackson) and took his AK-97 (which, again, I recognized immediately, in that strange dream-informed state). The ensuing firefight took out many of the party goers, and I made my way to the gangly, pasty decker and grabbed him by his giant mass of curly red hair and knocked him to his knees. There was a cinematic pause and I asked him, "Does your momma want an open casket?" He started to cry, and I woke up.

It was an interesting dream firefight, which I vaguely remember as having a lot of cyber. cyber.gif

Anyway ...

Anyone else ever have any interesting Shadowrun-induced dreams? I sure didn't dream it up on my own.
Very weird. I just woke up now at 2 pm from a Shadowrun-esque dream.

I'm assuming it's because I just GM'd a part of a run where my PC's had to hide in a safehouse.

I was just inside of the safehouse and then it was firefight after firefight and I kept thinking "I'm going to run out of ammunition!"
a few weeks ago I had a dream that was very SR. i was breaking into a bank in a high rise building, when things went osuth i got out before the vault doors closed and slide/jumped down an escalator to land behind the cyborg sec teams so they did n't know I'd been inside. I went down a few levels in the ihgh rise and hid in an arcade that was really a place for the mentally handicapped to be. I tried to blend in by sitting quietly and watching the TV.

yeah this is the reader's digest version.

Usually my dreams are about school or big mansions or communter trains.
I had a dream I barely remember except that it was very weird, left me unsettled for several hours after waking, and made me think I seriously needed to lay off the Shadowrun for a little while... at which point I pulled out my laptop and started writing SR fic.
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