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Full Version: Building a motorcycle
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which chassis should i use if i want to make a dirt bike/ motocross bike? any other suggestions of the creation process while i'm at it?
take the racing cycle and bring it's off-road handling down with point-buy handling decreases and off-road handling. an electric fuel cell plant gives you a bigger gas tank for relatively cheap, otherwise it's pretty much the same as a gasoline engine.
yeah i was gonna use an electric plant for better stealth. i was watching a little too much motocross and realized those guys can go practically anywhere with their bikes if they're lucky and skilled enough (the most tough move that i saw being the splatter jump) what kinda perception tn would you apply for a electrically run bike about to run you over from behind?
well, it's not like they're silent. i dunno, maybe base it on the signature of the bike, raise the sig by 1 per 2 succs on a stealth test.
The Grifter
If you can't hear a fraggin' dirtbike about to run you over, you deserve to die. *LOL*
Ever thought about the off-road bike chassis for a off-road bike?
huh, i thought the only bike chasses (sp?) available were the racing bike and chopper ::shrugs:: ah well
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