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Full Version: What to do with a Nexus?
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So on a recent run, my hacker character got a NeoNet Office Genie Nexus. A great in character prize for a hacker, but I'm not sure how to get a good hacker use out of one.

Now I am aware that Nexus systems can run System software above their Response limit, and I am working to get a hold of some nice rank 6 System and Firewall Nexus software. (At which point the response limit will only count for things that directly use the processor, like IC and Agents.) I also have AR plans for a Nexus-grade rank 6 Response chip, so eventually I can really get this puppy humming at full power.

1) I'm not sure what to do with this thing. I know it will be a good place to launch pure Matrix runs, and it will also cut my programming test times in half, but how can I get some resonable use out of it on more traditional runs?
1-a) It's too big and clunky to run our Tacnet. Even vehicle mounted it would be troublesome compared to our dedicated commlink. I suppose I could set both up; one remote (with better protection thanks to the 50 software limit letting me stack it full of IC,) and the other as a commlink backup in case we lose a connection to the server... Thoughts?
1-b) Or maybe I could setup Server Side Utility Software on it, and subscribe to it on my standard link... that way I could use it for my Browse checks, etc, and therefore have more free space on my Commlink for hacker stuff? What other software would work well Server Side instead of for immediate use? I'm not sure much if any of the Hacking software would work this way.

2) Can I upgrade the Nexus with some/any of the Commlink options? Could I optimize it for running Stealth for example?

3) Could I pack the Nexus full of IC/Agents that that I could use for a massive (and easy to detect) exploit assult?
Fill it with IC and slave the team's comm's to it.

So long as you run decent encryption hack attempts will have to go through the nexus.

Or load it with IC and have the IC patrolling your own comm-link.

Buy a safehouse with decent security using the RC advanced lifestyle rules and the spoofing lifestyle rules if you're cheap. Use a clean SIN and host your new nexus and any friends it might develop in the safehouse.
I thought when IC, like agents, leave a node (like my Nexus) they move onto the new node and bring their software with it, effectively loading programs onto it... So running defnsive programs remotely will cause them to move onto my system and lag it down.

The Tacnet, when run in a Client/Server setup, requires the commlinks/etc it's tied into to be slaved to it, so I guess your advice on the super defended Nexus would make the team's setup hard to hack, as long as we have our matrix connections. I suppose I could also set aside Agents or IC to cycle the encryption on the team member connections, making the whole thing very tough to crack or snoop in on.
IC can indeed move lock stock and barrel onto another node but it does not have to. It can log on to another node just like any other user and use the software it has hosted on it's home node to do things on the other node. Up to and including Hacking it's way into the other node with Exploit.
all the info about that, and more is in unwired. for this specific topic, check out page 110.
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