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Full Version: Character critique: AI-Char
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So i created an AI character. First i was a bit puzzled. But i think with the wireless world it can work.

The idea is, that he was an expert system at Ares Arms, helping developing intigrated weapon systems and drone security devices (He built Stuff, Calculated physics, helped edit plans, and operated the nanoforges and other Agents) . When he changed plans of his own, the programmers thought it was a malfunction and tried to delete and replace him. In panic he jumped through a drone then through a comlink out of there. After he found a few friends and allies in the matrix he settled in an near bancrupt hardware company and through helping them earned himself enough ressources to do what he loved: building things that make BOOM.

Smith is helpful, fascinated with weapons and drones and security measures. Now he is on the... "other" side, helping runners. He is also a horrible hacker, but his nature helps him alot beeing at least of some use. He can be pretty strange and very cold.

Roles: Armorer, Information gatherer, Rigger, backup-Hacker.

[ Spoiler ]

So.. as you see i had much trouble getting him the needed skills. But i didn't wanted to let him into the game with inferior attributes and ressources, since his nature implied high mental acuity. (Also he is an AI.... half of that stands for intelligence *g*)

So any thought and opinions about that? Did i do anything wrong, or do you have ideas to optimize him. (Not excessive please... but he realy is HORRIBLE at nearly anything). Playable?

Thanks, and see ya
consider dropping one or more of the drone skills and replacing with autosofts (much, *much* cheaper than skills. for just a little under 1 BP, you can pick up a skill at 4). probably ditch the browse and reality filter inherent programs for more awesomeness elsewhere... browse is good, but do you really need it inherent?

considering his nature, you could probably also squeeze in a few negative qualities (particularly stuff that affects social skills). i personally wouldn't have chosen bad luck, but that's just me; you may find that to be worth it. also, consider losing a bit of the costs you've put towards attributes. you don't need them high for hacking, rigging, or remote controlling. also, why do you have command as an inherent program when you have piloting origin; take one or the other, both seems a bit redundant. (it is still probably a good idea to have a command program that you have purchased)

also, technically you can't have one skill at 6 and six at 5, even if most of them are knowledge skills.
Whoops... thought knowledge skills were exempt from that rule. Hm, ok good, then i can have more skills on 4. Mathematics for example. With the programs: I took nearly all normal use programs, because i had to have 5, but his old role didn't call for cracking software. Thought all of these he could have used. It would really be strange if a developement expert system would be loaded with Black Hammer, Armor and Decrypt *g*.

Hm, maybe a lose one point Charisma... Have to see what that will crash down.

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