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For a game that is about to start I have created an AI character, that will have the role of rigger. It used to be the former pilot program of a cop car. And when his human partner got into trouble he followed. (That means he has the Piloting Origins, the one that allows him to use Autosofts as his skills)

His skills are the Electronics and Cracking Group at 4, Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 4, Automotive Mechanic 2 (it is still learning that), and it has some flavor skills which it is also playing around.

The programs that I thought were most suited as his inherent ones are: Browse (to basically provide information), Track (Always useful to know who tries to hack the cop car's computer), Command ("Pull over!" .. as well as that it goes for the rigger role), Scan (always useful to know where exactly the nodes are), Edit (tape and record whatever happens around the car).

After all that is done, I end up with 22 BP for equipment and programs and very important his home node (inside the car)


So my question is what do I need to be a passable excuse for a rigger in the form of programs, drones, cars and such ? I'm a bit stuck.
Looks like a great start.

In order to help Kitt you out, can you give a little more on things you'd like to be able to do? For example you gave good reasons for each type of inherent program you wanted, Do you have other things you'd like to be able to do that we can then give feedback or advice on?

Do not underestimate the power of Analyze, get it. It's your matrix perception check.

You need to get Signal, Response and System bought up.

The Nissan Patrol car is a great initial vehicle and probably fits your origin.

A couple surveillance aerial drones would be very useful.

Intimidate might be a fun social skill to get.
Night Jackal
In order to help Kitt you out,

Hehe glad I was not the only that went to the Knight Rider thought. Hehe was your police buddy name Micheal?
Hmmm by mentioning Intimidation as Skill i actually thought of Barricade from the Transformer Movie.

You may want to spend your money on diverse Autosofts for different vehicles so you can jump in any vehicle that is available to you.

Actually... wow i never thought of that.
I was always under the impression that autosofs were unique to the drone. How mistaken I was. The piloting origin is like skillwires for AIs. Awesome!

Because it saves up points. I can buy one of the Professional Autosofts from Unwired, and be a much better mechanic than I can be with just points.

After discussing with my police buddy, we decided that it would be more fun to actually inhabit 'his' commlink. That way the adept cop would appear to be a master rigger as well which can so utterly freak out people, as well as give me the opportunity to enter certain places better where cars can't go.

That is VERY cool! Is the commlink on the Adept a cyber commlink? I am assuming so, but you know what they say about assumptions...
Use the enhanced sensors mod on the car... giving it a sensor rating of 6, plus a LOT of space for extra sensors.

Now, add a radio scanner, rating 6. (functions as scanner software equal to rating). Now you can offload the scanner software from your inherent loadout.

All commlinks/nodes have an inherent rating 1 scanner built in... IMO, the best way to increase this is w/ the scanner hardware mod rather than eating up limited program space.

You'd probably want your inherent to be something like analyze or maybe stealth.

I really like how you take tracking... a lot of people don't consider that one overly important. (though admittedly, ordering an agent to track down the culprit while you engage him in cyberspace is probably a better way to do things, and the way a lot of deckers do it).

In SR4... all riggers need to be deckers. Otherwise the decker will bust into your drones and take them from you. So be prepared for cybercombat and ewar.

Also, a little bit of notice here...

If you want to know who's trying to break into your car... you'd want analyze as an inherent program... heavily (if they try and bust in you roll firewall + analyze... and analyze is heavily used elsewhere for some usefull tasks).
Stealth is great... especially if you don't want people knowing there's an AI in the node. (IIRC detecting hidden nodes is firewall + stealth).

Also you probably want a good cybercombat program for self defense (probably not inherent... so you can have a small selection to loadup). A hacker WILL eventually get into your home node or engage you jumped into one of your drones.

Exploit is the program tool you'll need to break into other nodes (or enemy drones)... so this is one I'd definately consider having on hand or even making inherent.

Edit... is used to 'doctor' the footage afterward. Not to record it in the first place. You can already record it pretty much at will. This is best served as a loaded program to draw evil mustaches on the trolls when you're feeling bored.
Browse: again... I don't know if you really want this as an inherent... in fact, you may like to get this as part of a package w/ an agent. (so you can order the agent to look stuff up while you're busy).
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