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Full Version: Capped Dice Question
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In the 20th. anniversary edition pdf it mentions that the GM can choose to use the optional rules to cap dice pools at 20 OR twice the sum of the attribute + the skill in question, whichever is higher. However, what if you are using this with an attribute only situation. I was told that our new group will have a character that is a Troll and has a healing ability he can use once per day that is based on his Strength I think. It is either based on Body or Strength. One of the players was arguing he should be able to roll this as attribute + attribute x 2 in terms of how much dice he should normally be capped at when attempting this heal. That would be 9 + 9=18, 18 x 2= 36 dice! This is a HUGE amount of dice to roll. Do any of you know how you are supposed to apply this cap when the task in question simply relies on an attribute roll?
Uh, yeah gonna need to know exactly what he's trying to roll there because at first glance it sounds like he's trying to pull one over on you guys. I don't know *any* healing test even by trolls that allows you to roll 36 dice on the test.
I will try to get the rest of the details and post them here.
One of the players just told me on the phone that this healing ability is based on a 5pt quick healing quality and the rest is mystic adept rapid healing. What I am wondering is how do you determine a CAP on the limit of dice someone could roll if the roll they are attempting is based on an attribute only with no skill involved. It might be a moot point though because when you are rolling dice based on an attribute the dice pools should usually be a bit smaller anyhow.
Uhmm no... If he's referring to natural healing (which is what it sounds like... 2x body score, stun is bod + wil).

Then he's at (2x Body) +2 Quick Healer + 1per fasthealing (capped at magic attribute). He can get extra dice from someone actively caring for him w/ medicine (but that's an aid test and subject to a lot of negative dice penalties for location & tools). So the 'doctor' would roll medicine and he'd get extra dice equal to the hits.

So at that point... trollish max augmented bod is 15... 15*2==30 base, +2 quickheal, say +5 fast heal. I'm up to 37 already w/ a magic 5.

So yeah... that many dice is in the realm of possibility. And frankly.. in this case, it's probably not worth capping (unless you like wounded players). If looking to cap... 3x Body is probably a good house rule. (everyone starts at 2x and that leaves no room for doctor's aid or other positive qualities).
Ah, this is what he was talking about? Yeah, no reason to cap that. It's a downtime healing test to recover from inflicted wounds. This can't be done on a run, in combat or in any situation that would render it overpowered. So don't let something like this bother you.
Look, Attribute + Skill isn't an effective dice cap anyway. (The Pornomancer ends up losing... three dice, I think.) Don't bother capping something that only saves him a little time in the background.
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