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Full Version: Would be worthy CLUE addition
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Now, just couldn't resist posting it here.
Another story about clueless player of mine. So the story begins...

Another morning. Mr. Clueless gets up and goes down to the street. Seeing hawker, who sells sweets, he asks "Do you have any guns for selling?"
Hawker says "No, sir, I but I have this great chocolate gun."
Mr. Clueless agrees to buy it and with words "Do not say to anyone what you saw" rolls a grenade under his own car. This car was used in couple of hot things, so he decided to get rid of it in the middle of busy street. Hawker disappears in panic. Satisfied he then leaves, and decides that must earn some money. Entering nearest bar (ork bar) from entrance he shouts "Who wish to order an assassination?" Two orks come and beat him senseless, then throw out of the bar. After that Mr. Clueless go to friend's security firm (owned by other PC's) to get any job. Passing a dark alley he finds a body and a monowhip. And here comes the bright idea "I am taking monowhip with two fingers". Of course, he now have two fingers less ( I was generous and ruled that he have 2 bare bones, just meat and muscles off). He then robbed body, taking bloody money body had (victim was slashed few times, so blood was everywhere, even on money). Finally he arrives at security firm, where other PC's call an ambulance. He reluctantly agree to go and have medical care, but refuses to go to hospital. When doctor asks to pay for call, he pays... with bloody money he got from the corpse. After that he rolls a perception test and hears that doctor asks driver to contact Lonestar report about suspicious wound and bloody money.
Mr. Clueless throws a grenade and blows up this car too. Then after searching for bloody money he decides that car should be burned so no evidence is found (of course, security firm is having all kinds of cameras which have filmed it, but he is the chosen one from cluelesses) and he burns all the stuff (gasoline, spirit) while holding a lighter IN HIS HAND.

Now he died horrible death, burning like a torch.
The Jopp
indifferent.gif ohplease.gif indifferent.gif ohplease.gif indifferent.gif

May I ask what your player had been smoking at the time of the incident? wobble.gif
Nah, it's pure and inborn talent smile.gif
Logics of clueless people work in twisted way.
I am just not twisted enough to understand that logic.
But GMing this group is like directing train wreck - you see how trains head into each other, and you know that you did it. Kinda good feeling and you can't turn away your head.

Soon they will have a worthy addition, new player. Who started asking if he can join. I answered "Not really next session, they are on a SMALL island very far north."
Wannabe-player "I'll be a native. I'll hunt for mammoths for food and then join the team."
...No comment. eek.gif
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