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Full Version: Assorted technomancer questions
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A few technomancer questions I've built up.

Living persona limits and modifiers: Living persona attributes are limited by resonance. My technomancer's Intuition and Resonance are both 5, which means that his base Response is 5. This means that if he takes Psyche his Response stays at 5.

1.1 Is +1 response bonus for VR subject to this cap?

1.2 Is the +1 bonus for the Overclocking echo (and similar echoes) subject to this cap?

1.3 Is the Biofeedback Filter subject to this cap? ("A complex form's rating may not exceed the technomancer's resonance. ... all technomancers have an inherent Biofeedback Filter complex form as part of their living persona, equal to their Charisma") If so, is it possible to thread it higher?


2.1 Does the bonus from Swap apply to each complex form sustained? (Is a TM with Swap and sustaning two CFs at -2 or -3?)

2.2 Can you thread to improve a single CF (STEALTH) multiple times? If so, does each threading need to be sustained separately? (If not, what short of glitching keeps me from repeatedly only taking one success from the thread to avoid fading?)

2.3 What type of action is threading, really?

2.4 Can you use threading to improve a complex form that you're using through a Resonance Exchange? As in, can someone borrowing a rating 5 CF then thread it higher?

2.5 What level of concentration is required to sustain a CF? (Can you sustain a CF while asleep? Unconscious?)

2.6 Software (threading) specialization, seriously? The only real downside is breaking the skill group...

Resonance Links/Meshes

3.1 Does a Resonance Link to a network apply to TMs in the network who have not also taken the resonance link echo? (obviously one way only, not counting Enhanced Resonance Links)

3.2 If a TM joins the network are they included in the existing mesh?

3.3 Can you change the target of a resonance link or mesh?

3.4 Can the link be sustained against the will of (or even without the knowledge of) another TM/network? What happens if you allow another TM to form a link to you who later betrays you?

3.5 In a network, you can only Enhanced Resonance Link or Resonance Exchange one target at a time. That target can change? Can the targets be different? Can you complex-form-share with one TM and widget-share with another? Can you take those echoes multiple times to, eg, share two complex forms with one TM or one complex form with two different TMs?

3.6 A TM with Resonance Exchange lets another TM use his CFs, and not the other way around. Is this correct?

3.7 Does Resonance Exchange of complex forms require Widget Crafting, or is that only for sharing of widgets?

3.8 Does Resonance Exchange allow sharing of emulated skillsofts?

3.9 How quickly can the target of a Resonance Exchange (in a mesh) change? (what type of action? Is it under the control of the sharer?)

3.10 I assume a free sprite can join a mesh, since they can acquire technomancer echoes (p.157 Unwired). Can a non-free sprite be part of a network/mesh? (presumably as a sender only)


4.1 Does a Resonance Bond require karma? (Does the BP cost of the quality only reflect the link already existing at character creation, similar to contacts purchased with BPs?)

4.2 Does a sprite doing Sustain Complex Form or Assist Operation need to be in the same node as the TM?

4.3 Does a sprite get a chance at independence (p. 157 Unwired) when it no longer owes tasks, or only upon glitch or fading during registration? Can a TM deliberately allow a registered sprite to go free? Are there any concrete rules for a TM assisting in the sprite surviving the process?

4.4 Is the submergence task for Reassembling (p. 142 Unwired) specifically for converting an entropic sprite into a normal/resonant sprite? I've seen discussion here somewhere of it being for any sprite reassembly...

Edit: numbered the questions
QUOTE (CaptainSegfault @ Jun 7 2009, 03:01 AM) *
Does the bonus from Swap apply to each complex form sustained? (Is a TM with Swap and sustaning two CFs at -2 or -3?)

No. With the errata on Unwired, Swap reduces the total modifier for sustaining any number of threaded Complex Forms by 1.

QUOTE (CaptainSegfault @ Jun 7 2009, 03:01 AM) *
What type of action is threading, really?

Threading is part of the action to use the Complex Form.

QUOTE (CaptainSegfault @ Jun 7 2009, 03:01 AM) *
Software (threading) specialization, seriously? The only real downside is breaking the skill group...

Yep. +2 dice for threading on the cheap.

I wish I could answer the rest of the questions also, since they'd be good to know for my technomancer.
Tiger Eyes
I'll answer them, if you go back and number each one. Doing the quote/unquote for that many individual questions is beyond my patience level. smile.gif
QUOTE (Tiger Eyes @ Jun 7 2009, 01:47 PM) *
I'll answer them, if you go back and number each one. Doing the quote/unquote for that many individual questions is beyond my patience level. smile.gif

edit: disclaimer: i am not a dev. if anything i say disagrees with what tiger eyes says, go with her answer.

1.1 - not sure, but probably should not imo; i would treat this as being more like augmented response rather than an actual response increase (likewise with the reality filter bonus to response)

1.2 - yes

1.3 - yes it is subject to the cap, and no it can't be threaded higher.

2.1 - never seen a firm answer on this, i'll let tiger eyes respond =P (personally, i think if it's going to be from the total and not per threading, it should work more like adept centering though)

2.2 - you can thread multiple times, but they would overlap, not stack. 5+1 is still 6, no matter how many times you do 5+1,

2.3 - not an action.

2.4 - i would say no. it's not *your* CF. but i could be wrong.

2.5 - you would have to be conscious to sustain a CF.

2.6 - yes. it can still be used for other things, such as writing programs, so it's still legitimate, provided your GM approves (as is always the case)

3.1 - a network is basically just a group of technomancers on a public site. it's nothing special to them, it's more like having a chat channel about technomancers, by technomancers, for technomancers. the various strictures and whatnot are more or less requirements before they let you into the club, not something that produces anything special.

3.2 - joining the mesh requires they have the resonance link echo. provided they resonance link to the network, they would be in, otherwise not.

3.3 - i would say tentatively not within the rules, but i would probably allow an appropriate resonance realm search to pull it off.

3.4 - i wouldn't allow unwilling except possibly with a resonance realm search. likewise with an attempt to disconnect someone. but i am unaware of anything that explicitly follows that. if you can't go with houserules, then it looks like no consent is required, and nothing can be done to block it.

3.5 - it says you can only use enhanced resonance link with one target at a time. this would imply you can change the target, since otherwise it wouldn't say anything about 'at a time'. i would say you can also only resonance exchange one on target, since it says "This enhanced resonance link may only be used with
one other character at a time, even if the technomancer is part of
a resonance mesh"

3.6 - that is correct. if you want 2-way, both must have it (but in a network, it could plausibly be required as one of the earlier echoes you must learn)

3.7 - widget crafting is required regardless. it probably wouldn't be horribly destructive to game balance if you allowed CF sharing without the widget crafting echo.

3.8 - if it is learned with karma, yes. otherwise, "Threaded complex forms
cannot be shared in this manner" since emulated skillsofts not learned with karma must be threaded, you cannot share them.

3.9 - not sure. i would probably make it a non-action or a free action to change targets, but a simple action to share personally.

3.10 - theoretically, they could be a member of a network, since that's just a group getting together. not sure what they would add, given they are subject to another technomancer, and they wouldn't count for group size or number of members present for submersion discount bonus. i would probably allow free sprites to count for those purposes, however.

4.1 - i would say it does. think of it as being similar to setting up a modified resonance link; you aren't paying karma to the target, but you still need to pay karma to establish a bond.

4.2 - to activate it, yes. to sustain, no. that being said, since a TM can be 'in' as many nodes as they feel like (as can a hacker) it's not hard to just be in a private safe node with your sprite(s) while the TM hacks a hard target.

4.3 - only from the stated reasons. you can't allow a registered sprite to become a free sprite, though you could 'let it free' inasmuch as you could relieve it of all it's remaining tasks... but this would not give it a chance to become a free sprite. either the sprite survives or it does not, the only 'assistance' the technomancer can attempt is to attempt to bind a sprite which is beyond the technomancer's ability to reliably bind, or to make sure the TM has only 1 box left in the appropriate track when they attempt to register the sprite (obviously, if this is the physical track, it's quite dangerous)

4.4 - shortly after unwired was released, the intention was clarified. at one point, what they now call free sprites used to be entropic sprites in an earlier edition, as i understand it (ie the writer meant free sprites). what we now call entropic sprites would have been dissonant sprites in earlier editions as i understand it.

edit: disclaimer: i am not a dev. if anything i say disagrees with what tiger eyes says, go with her answer.
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