This is for a Missions campaign, just checking to see if you guys think would be ok since fairly new to everything. Decided to try a mystic adept and having the trouble most folks do with them. As far as magic goes want him to be devolping that from the get go, ie the first advances will be adding to Cha, summoning, and spellingcasting, than innation for masking probably. Guess my main question is if his dice pools be decent enough for being a background backup/scout and if you guys have any recommendation besides the typical "you can do all that with cyber/bio better" grinbig.gif .

Meta: Orc

Stats (180 BPs)
Body: 5
Agility: 5
Reaction: 5
Strength: 4
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 5
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4
Edge: 1
Magic: 5

Essence: 6
Initiative: 10 (1 pass)

Qualities (+15 BP):
Mentor Spirit (Great Mother)
Mystic Adept

Day Job (10 hours a week, Park Ranger/Critter Remover for the Wildlife Refuge)
Addiction Mild (Zen)
Addiction Mild (Deepweed)
Vindictive (he has a book and checks it twice...)
Scorched (previous addiction to BTLs)
Mild Allergy to Silver

Skills (150 BP):
Gymnastics 4
Outdoors (group) 1
Tracking 4
Stealth (group) 4
Infiltration 4 +2
Perception 4 +2
Automatics 5
Clubs 3
Etiquette 1
Spellcasting 1 (+2 Health)
Counterspelling 4
Summoning 0 (+2 Plant)

Knowledge Skills:
IN: Meditation 1
AK: The Hub 1
AK: Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge 2
AK: Montbello 1
AK: Commerce City 1
Paranormal Animals 3
Occult Knowledge 2
Security procedures 2
Safehouses 2

English N
Sign 3
Siouan 3

Magic (2/5):
Possession Tradition

Spells (+2 Health):
Bound Sustaining Focus (P3)
Increase Reflexes

Adapt (3/5):
Attribute Boost: Agi (5+1 = +Agi)
Combat Sense
Enhanced Perception 2
IA: Infiltration 2
Improved Sense (Sent)
Magic Sense (Magicx10m as detect magic spell F5)

Fixer (1/2)
Talismonger (3/2)