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Full Version: Adepts and Foci
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I seem to remember somewhere in some old reference that a Physical Adept may only bond Weapon Foci.
I don't see this rule in the SR4A PDF under Foci, and I'm beginning to question if it ever existed in the first place. Of course, my access to Street Magic is a little limited at this exact moment, but has anyone ever heard of any kind of restriction on Foci like this?

If it does allow for it, I know that it wouldn't provide any new Power Points, only additional Dice for Magic-Attribute-Linked rolls.

That said, if there are no restrictions on this, what is to prevent anyone from bonding a focus, other than the statement that " Awakened Character can bond any type of focus, regardless of tradition differences." (SR4A pg 199) Which infers that only awakened characters can bond foci (which would make sense, but still not answer regarding physical adepts.)

(-edit Seeing that awakened character can only bond a number of foci equal to their magic rating. Zero Magic = Zero Foci)

I'm almost positive that there is a restriction somewhere. Anyone care to be enlightening?
Sorry to resurrect this but a search hasn't yielded any results on this. (I looked really I did, but after the 6th post dove off to never never land I gave up). Is there a definitive listing of what foci a Physical Adept can and cannot use? I know they were limited in previous editions and things like spell and spirit foci are obviously out (only aid skills the phys adept lacks access too), but I don't want to get bit on the ass the again by something I remember from previous editions but is different in this one. How about the metamagic foci or power foci? For example attribute boost uses magic stat to boost it so would a power focus aid this? Centering vs drain is available to phys ads for things like attribute boost so can they use centering foci too? Help please.
When I saw this post, at first I was thinking "Why would an adept NEED a power foci" but you've brought up some interesting cases. I couldn't find anything in the books to say one way or the other. I too believe back in 3rd that they could only bond weapon foci...but can't find anything to say so in 4e.
I believe I found the rule you were looking for on page 85 of the Main Rulebook under the heading foci:

Adepts may bond only to weapon foci. Magicians and mystic adepts can bond to any type of focus.

I have one of the first prints of the core rulebook so my page numbers might be different. I found it towards the end of the character creation rules in the Assigning Resources - Magical Resources section.

Ah, that would be why....hadn't even thought of looking into the char gen section...just the magic sections. Let me verify that its in SR4a real quick...

Nope, just checked the SR4a section on Foci and all that. No rules there regarding what foci Adepts may bond.
QUOTE (Keledin @ Mar 22 2010, 12:15 PM) *
I believe I found the rule you were looking for on page 85 of the Main Rulebook under the heading foci:

Hmm, what about those Infusion foci from Digital Grimoire, then?
Odd, I don't find anything on adepts binding foci at all in SR4A. Since it never appeared, I doubt it was a purposeful omission, but it is curious.

For what it's worth, I would allow adepts to bind other foci types, I would just be careful what I let them get away with. If a character wants to waste a bunch of nuyen and karma to make attribute boost better, who am I stop them.
QUOTE (TheOOB @ Mar 22 2010, 12:38 PM) *
Odd, I don't find anything on adepts binding foci at all in SR4A.

Me neither. However, there is this statement from SR4A:

QUOTE (SR4A p. 199)
Foci are magic items, astral constructs embedded within physical objects. Foci act as pools of power that a magician can draw on to help accomplish a magical task. A focus must be bound to a magician before it can be of any assistance to him. The physical representation of a focus can vary depending on the tradition of its maker, but an Awakened
character can bond any type of focus, regardless of tradition differences.

This seems to support the view that adepts can indeed bind any kind of focus. They just don't benefit as much as magicians from certain types of foci.

Yea this is what I was looking at and thinking too but I had hoped there was something definitive somewhere. As I said previously the spell and spirit foci make sense as not being useful since they use skills a phys adept lacks access too but the others, I guess I'll allow and see how it works out. Power and Centering foci enhanced adepts on the way. nyahnyah.gif
As a side point how many GMs use the stuff in Digital Grimoire? I've been hesitant to do so in my campaign but I was wondering how others find things like infusion foci working out.
EDIT Never mind, the new FAQ just answered this whole thread.
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