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Full Version: Alternatice dice for shadowrun
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Hello everyone. Sorry if this is old and chewed, but I couldn't find anything about this on google or here.

Me and some friends are going to start playing shadowrun 4e in a few weeks. Problem is, we come from a dungeons and dragons background. All this massive eruption of d6's is going to be a lot of bother for us.
To combat that, I thought about using d100 !! Just one roll, to simulate dice pools of d6's, while preserving the original chance ranges as much as possible.

For each dice pool size, I thought about making a chart that includes the chances for
- critical glitch
- glitchy success (plus number of hits)
- success (plus number of hits)

Sadly, I forgot all about math and statistics, although I tried to do it myself until I noticed brains oozing out of my noze and onto the paper.
I wonder if there is any sane, safe and consentual way to do this, and how ?

As a side note, I'm also really bored.
someone here actually made a good chart for that. maybe they will speak up. if you do start using this method i would like to hear how it goes.
I could be quite useful IIRC there an app that works up to 2o odd DP that give you a percentage chance of a roll. I'lll see if I can find a link

Edit found: the roller app

a topic on dice stat link to soem nice graphs

Such a chart would be at best cumbersome. One of the best things about Shadowrun is the dice pool mechanic - I strongly advise not altering it.

Suggestion for Dice

Dice Roller Software

Opposed Test Probability Calculator (on the off-chance you want it - probably my single favorite project of the last year. Supports dice pools of up to 20; you can use it to calculate the chance of 0-20 Hits from larger pools, but the win/loose/tie ratio will be off. Excel 2007, no macros)
Thanks for your posts, gives a player lots of ideas.

QUOTE (Muspellsheimr @ Jun 12 2009, 06:07 AM) *
Such a chart would be at best cumbersome. One of the best things about Shadowrun is the dice pool mechanic - I strongly advise not altering it

In any case, The shadowrun mechanic is indeed better than the D&D mechanic, but the act of dice throwing is much more fun using a single, perhaps majestic die.
We have seen this already while playing Vampire:the Masquerade, with it's d10 crashing all around the room at times.
I have not thought about altering dice to make dice pool hits easier to identify... we may end up using that instead of any other methods.

I will ask a mathmatician friend of mine for help with this. If we come up with anything, i'll be sure to let you know.
Personally, I think having to roll 15-25 dice to accomplish things is just wrong.

Anyhow, pure percentages aren't the only thing to be aware of...
...The intent is also important - ease of use [large charts aren't that much fun] and overall "feel" [succeeding easily or succeeding-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth give different attitudes in-game].
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