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Where did this happen and is the war still going on? I read somewhere that it was the corporations fighting over something (oil? or just for fun smile.gif ). SR3 includes a sample character that has been in the Desert Wars (troll merc IIRC) but mentions nothing about the war itself...
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I think it has become an annual corporate event and competition. A place where corporations wheel out their newest and baddest combat tech and showcase it. Think auto racing but with guns, tanks, and out in the desert sands of the Middle East. At least that was the impression I always got from the comments in the older sourcebooks.
If you want detailed info on Desert Wars pick up a copy of Target: Wastelands. Lots of good stuff in there especially on the history and current status of the Dester Wars.

Basically it takes place in post-nuked Libya and is a showcase for new weaponry/tactics and corporate/government military might. It can also be used as a stage for settling inter-corp/government disputes in a non-lethal or lethal, but structured military fashion.

There are a lot of past threads on Desert Wars so you might try the search function.
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Yes, very good dirt on the Desert Wars in T:WLs. You may want SOTA 2063 if you are running a merc campaign.
You'll also want Target: Smuggler Havens and the DMZ Board Game. Just because.

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