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Full Version: Monster Hunter Character
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So I have yet another wacky character concept:
A Non-Awakened Spirit Hunter. We can go ahead and extend the concept to all sorts of awakened monsters I guess. I like the idea that he spends most of his time exterminating devil rats and the like, but sometimes has to deal with nastier things.

Yes I've already figured out he needs a laser rifle with backpack, those manatech wands that detect magic & background count, an old used docwagon ambulance, and a brown armored cover-all. I also think the Pocket Mage computer he has will be an "Related Arcana Index" or R.A.I. (pronounced "Ray"). I figure I'll have to use the Advanced Lifestyle rules to put him in an old firehouse too.

On a more original note: FAB I gas grenades with a UV Lamp is Assessing for mundanes. FAB II-b Grenades are cheaper, but you have to look through the cloud for gaps instead of just looking for the UV illuminated areas... but at least it would work in bright light. Also, I've got him a Lucifer Lamp flashlight mounted on his laser rifle. Add in the vision enhancing goggles and he should have a decent chance at spotting astral creatures and objects even if he can't deal with them till they manifest. I also think WP Grenades are a decent tool for dealing with big nasty spirits.

My bigger questions have to do with various skills and qualities. Is Magic Resistance 4 worthwhile? What knowledge skills cover spirits and awakened creatures?
What kind of skills and equipment would a guy that normaly exterminates devil rats and minor awakended pests need/have as well?

I should note I'll likley need to spend 10-15 BP towards Restricted Gear as it is, so that may limit some Quality selections/combinations.

And no, I'm not taking this too seriously, but there is a chance that plotline involving bug city might just need this kind of guy.
Most spirits are covered with the "Spirits" knowledge skill, and "Parazoology" seems to be the common skill for most other critters. Don't forget "Astral Phenomenon" to round out the knowledges.
I love mundane spirit hunters. An entire campaign I GMed centered around the concept.

Remember AP rounds. They are your friend. (I'm not sure how the "electricity" debate is going on Dumpshock recently, or if they finally errated it.)

Awakened Phenomenon
Magical Traditions
Awakened Hangouts
Awakened Combat Tactics
Magical Theory
Magical Traditions
Awakened Organizations

The first skill is the "catch all" skill, for "trivia" or basic ID questions. Since it looks like you're playing a "rat catcher/spirit exterminator" type character, alot of those skills probably won't apply. (And some of them are a little broad. "Awakened Organizations, Awakened Hangouts" and the similar skills normally have (Area) added before them, be it West Coast North America, International, or whatnot. In our game, the more specific the area, the more specific info we get.)
Knowledge Skill
Toben Spirit Guide
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