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Full Version: Pimp my ride
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OK, so if you had, say, a million nuyen to build a tricked-out set of wheels (car, truck or bike) that'll win races and pull chicks, how would you spend it? This thing doesn't need to be practical for shadowrunning; I'm looking for the kind of thing a young hotshot spoiled corp brat would drive (badly).

Any thoughts? Any racing or car chase stories are also welcome.
I did such a design way back in the days of Rigger 2.

I was a limo with amphibious and submersible ops. It also had a concealed drone rack (the rear window was not actually used as such, but could retract to launch the drones) with two amphibious/submersible micro-skimmer drones. The ability to "drive" from a boat ramp or beach in Seattle to one in NAN without dealing with any normal boarder difficulties was only part of the allure.
Mine doesn't quite come up to corp-brat standards (or the million nuyen price) but I statted out my own personal piece of heaven-on-wheels. It's my hacker-rigger's pride and joy, his bright yellow Vespa. Rebuilt from parts he scavenged/forged over the years he loves his little yellow scooter. It can drive 200km/h before I hit the turbo, accel 15/30, has handling 3, armor 2, integrated last-resort laser weapons(using the SMG lasers from arsenal), and can transform into a powered glider. I'm still trying to come up with a good name for it and will accept any suggestions.
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