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Full Version: I hacked your commlink!
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Can I now buy things at stores with it? Tell it to deposit money into my account overseas?
Simple answer
Commlink <> Bank Account <> SIN

Complex answer
Depending on the commlink and the user it can make it easier to do those things.
Short answer: Yes.

Once you're in someone's commlink you could try and buy things through it, but most purchases will require authorization, and that's not something you get just by having the Commlink. Depending on the nature of the purchase it will either ask for a password/code or it will ask for a Bioscan of some kind. There are other tougher forms of authorization beyond that.

Some people keep their passwords in their Commlinks, but not everyone does. Bioscans would require more trickery to bypass.

In short: It's more like a first step. You are now using their commlink which is tied to their SIN, but the Authorization is still an issue. Of course if you are in their commlink without them knowing it and they are actively using it, you could try to spoof something to their AR to authorize a purchase or trick them into giving you their banking codes...
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