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Full Version: Question about granatlauncher
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Regarding the title of this topic, i have a question about grenade launcher. A few days ago i had an idear about grenade launcher and changing the shot frequency.
At "arsenal" book, you can modify the shot frequency from SA to BF.
My first question is: Can you change the frequency for grenade launcher?

If you can, how is the damage calculated for the grenadeĀ“s?!

I guess its not that simple, that you add a +2 damage value for BF fire mode.
Is it possible that the blast radius change? For example: A HE grenade has a blast radius of 10m and loses each meter 2 damage points. If you launch now a bf into the choosen target, does the lose of damage change?

Well i hope you can help me sleepy.gif

I take wargame rules for GLs over SA rates. With the templates bing placed in an area around the first shot.
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