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Full Version: Ork Looking Up At Haley
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Guys, I'm at a loss. There's a piece of art that I'm looking for, of an Ork, dressed like a nomad, looking up at a starlit night's sky and the passing of the comet, I think. The butchered version is set under the chapter heading of Year of the Comet, p. 6, but I can't seem to find the full version, while I'm damn certain I've seen it somewhere.

Can you hook a chummer up?
It's not in any of the books I own... At-least I don't recognise it. Perhaps they put the full version in the Wake of the Comet book?
It's this picture [Thanks, Flak!], and my description was a little off. Does anyone know who did it, or where I can find a clean version of this image?
Ancient History
I recognize it. It was originally card artwork for the SRCG.
"Wishbone" the Ork Shaman.

Sez "Illustration by Paul Bonner" Check his page, if he has one.
Thanks, AH. I can't seem to find a page for Paul Bonner, though. I guess I'll have to use the pageholder art.
After noticing that my collection of Shadowrun artwork was reaching ridiculous proportions, painstakingly collected from various places all over the net, I realised how long it took and how hard it was to find good Shadowrun art. There is of course the incredible Shadowrun Image Archive, which houses meticulously scanned covers of Shadowrun books, but for anything else you'll have to search high and low. So I decided to see if I could set up an archive of Shadowrun images, hopefully creating a singular place for Shadowrun art.

You can find the first few galleries here. Content will be added as I go along, so expect more soon as I slowly build the galleries. Also, I'm thinking of allowing members to leave comments per image, but that might have to wait until next week before that gets implemented. Until that time, If there's any problems with the functionality of this section please let me know so I can rectify.
Austere Emancipator
Nice. The Seattle Ork Underground pictures are from The Underworld, are they not? I especially like the Guys With G36Ks.
That's definitely cool, Deev. I'm always looking for Shadowrun-related pics. smile.gif
QUOTE (Austere Emancipator)
Nice. The Seattle Ork Underground pictures are from The Underworld, are they not? I especially like the Guys With G36Ks.

Yeah, it's from Underworld. I snagged them because they coincide a lot with what I figured the Underground would look like. Not the Bazaar, of course, or any of the well-populated downtown tunnels, but the ones further out, the ones less populated and more dangerous.
Thanks a (#%/& lot for the CCG-images, DV8: I've longed to see the card illustrations for ages now. Never managed to get hold of more than a couple of boosters.
I got a couple of boxes. It's a really good game to play if you've got more than 2 people wanting to play cards. Kinda boring one on one after the first few games, but an excellent multi player CCG.
And as an added bonus, you get lots of cool art biggrin.gif

PS That image inspired me to make an Orc shaman named Wishbone.
I pulled those SRTCG images off a website a loooong time ago. I haven't been able to find the website since then, and I assume it's been taken offline.

I'm going to be adding more archives as time progresses, but those were all teh SRTCG images I had, and because they're a relatively rare find, I thought I'd do them first. smile.gif
This is the first sourcebook image thread I came across (it'd be even more off-subject int he art thread), so...

I once saw a few images from a japanese SR book, which featured anime style art.

The question of an anime ork's appearance came up in a chat earlier, and I was wondering if anyone's seen these pictures anywhere, because I couldn't spot them on Google and never saved the original images or site URL.
Although I am not such a sucker for anime, I'd love to see some of the artwork they did for it.
Did anyone seen anymore then the covers for a few of those SR anime comics? I have never been able to find them anywhere.
Ancient History
I glanced through one at an auction, but was outbid for it. Not bad.
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