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Full Version: Question on Ghost Cartels: The Trouble with Tempo
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In this part of the Campagne the Runners recive a message from Dae and then they get hired by Kaz the Komungo Troll. My pdf says that when the runners accept the deal, Kaz hands each a certifed credstick containing half the payment up front.
Half of how much please? I cant find a note on how many money the runners should get. Is there an errta out I missed?
looking at it, i think most of the payouts are left unspecified. probably so that you can adjust it for your campaign. only a few of them have specific "this is how much the run pays" information, afaict...
Its confusing, there are scenes where they give exact ammounts of payment and then again nothing. I am missing some kind of guideline. Anyway, thanks for the answer Jaid. smile.gif
I noticed the same thing

I just increased the initial payout by 1000 nuyen for each job then the payout for the job before

that way each job makes a little more then the one before

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