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Full Version: A plea for assistance
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So a good friend of mine is running a mercenaries game for us in a bit, he hasnt let me in on the details however he mentioned that gear would be provided, so buying weapons at chargen is a nogo, as are vehicles, but drones and other gear including cyberware are fine.
1. We were looking at some drones for a friend of mine running an orc medic with a few protector drones. He has 2 crimson samurai with the tracked vehicle permanent upgrade. what else does he need for those drones to function? what kind of piloting, etc., and how will they work, voice command?
2.I myself am very indecisive and am trying to figure out a character to run. Ive already played a sniper focused gunman and a hacker before, and am trying to avoid them if at all possible. we already have a street sam and the aforementioned medic, along with a heavy weapons specialist. What would be a fun build to go, with some nice min/maxed oomph to it. smile.gif

Thank you DS people!
a Battlemage ?
(minimally Cybered with Cerebral Booster maybe)
Some Fighting Spells (Manabolt for Astral Enemies, Stunball for Mooks,increased Reflexes with Spell storing . Armor Spells,Barrier Spells,Healing)
or even more Awesome; make him a mage with a Possesion tradition ,summon your Spirits to make the Enemy fight himself...

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