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Full Version: Concerning Seattle and Chicago territories
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So, I bought maps to better show players where and what they are doing. Now the question - does anyone knows where in Chicago was blast, so I can outline that territory? Or should I just pick it randomly?

And Seattle map is huge. Am I right or am I right smile.gif that Seattle territory which is put on website lays south from Green Lake? With all those rivers and stuff.
The blast was (in correspondence with the current real Chicago) on Cermak Street (Avenue? Way?), right across the street from where FASA used to be.

Had I the time (which I don't. Stupid work. sarcastic.gif) I'd give you some more information.

Anybody with Bug City want to help this guy out? I know it's all in there.

If nobody answers, I'll probably get to it when I come home from work.
just look inside a 2nd ed fasa book. It'll be on the inside front pages with the credits. Ta daa!

May I also recommend

for various maps available online. I've spent ages tracking this sort of thing down, and these are some of the ones I use most when I need at least road atlas and addresses in the various locations, though it has to be said tracking anything like this down outside of the North America continent is really quite tricky (not impossible, one of those above does at least the carribean), though for the UK I can recommend
if all you want is a road map for planning of in character routes and where encounters might be, or addresses for your corp compounds and dodgy chip dens.

hth, and if it doesn't, frag you, and the hellhound you rode in on! biggrin.gif


it was 1100 W. Cermak Road, zip 60608. At least, that's where FASA used to be. (Page 2, Awakenings).

ay thenkyew.
The blast was at Cermak yeah

The containment zone runs from 115th street in the south
Irving Park road in the north
Harlem Avenue in the west

The easter border is Lake Michigan and about a mile out
Traks, where'd you get your maps? (i need those too, but have yet to get them)
Uh huh, I bought them in local map shop. Didn' t know we have one and stumbled across it. So I bought both maps.

Thanks for containment zone. My victims er, players will like there.

spotlite - I am not in Shadowrun for years, I only have some 3rd edition books and do not know much about other stuff except mostly 'standard' books.

QUOTE (Traks)
And Seattle map is huge. Am I right or am I right smile.gif that Seattle territory which is put on website lays south from Green Lake? With all those rivers and stuff.

Green Lake, the little tiny two-point-seven-miles-around inner city park lake that I run around every couple of days? Surely not...
Okey, so anyone have a guess which pieces of Seattle are covered in map of Seattle of 2060? Any streets would be fine, because I looked at Seattle map and it is much huger than those covered in books.

My last post on theme, I guess.
If no one answers, it can sink into nothingness.
The seattle metroplex is much bigger than the present day city of seattle (maybe 20x the area?).

Look at the maps in the seattle sourcebook for details. Basically the present city of seattle is the downtown district of the metroplex. Within the downtown district is the downtown neighborhood, which is basically todays downtown neighborhood.

The current day maps that best approximate it are probably the "puget sound region" maps, or a washington state map (which is likely much easier to find in other parts of the country).
The Seattle Metroplex goes from the Ft. Lewis and Puyallup districts in the south all the way up to the Everett district in the north. See the district layouts on the map inside the back cover of an old SR2 book, or the tiny dotted outline on p. 14 in New Seattle, or online at Shadowland (hover your mouse over different sections, click on different sections).

If you have a current map of the city of Seattle it covers only a fraction of the Metroplex, not including Bellevue, Redmond, etc. A map of the current Puget Sound area will show the districts and major highways, but not the little streets. What has often worked well for us is a Puget Sound map for the major travel routes between districts, a downtown Seattle City map (for locating Renraku, Aztechnology, etc.), and the GM making up any streets, blocks, buildings needed anywhere else.
Black Isis
I'm pretty sure the Blast was at the intersection of Cermak and Racine. If you have Bug City or Burning Bright that should have the location in there. Adam has pictures of the actual area somewhere online too, I know.
Omer Joel
I've scanned an old map of central Chicago bought by my mother in 1976; it has suffered some wear and tear (including some nibbling by a moth or a similar bug - how fitting!), but it shows most of of the CZ (except for its southernmost edge) and environs, and is pretty detailed (for 1976, that is). I've split it to 4 smaller files which I'm going to modify to 2055 standards, which I'll then upload.

Here is the big one, with CZ borders marked on it!
<sigh> all this talk about Chicago's making me homesick. interesting Question. about how far away from the Contaiment zone would Hanover Park, and Nortlake be???
There was a photo of the Cermak site taken several years ago that was floating around a while back. I think it was Adam's or one of the freelancers that took it.
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