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Prime Mover
Why was there never an Augmentation errata? Still not ever reprinted? I thought for sure we'd at least see it before Unwired, but Unwired errata up on
I believe CGL compiles errata when the book goes into another print run. If Augmentation never got errata then that suggests it never got another print run. However, I'm definitely not entirely sure on that. Does someone have a copy of Augmentation that says "Second Printing" on the inside?
There are at least two versions avaialble. My copy, for example, soes not have any costs (nuyen or essence) listed for the Metaposeur geneware while my friend's copy - as well as the PDF I own - does have it.
Prime Mover
So I should add Augmentation errata to the SoLA and 09 releases box of vapory goodness?
*scratches head*

There's an Augmentation errata, because we did reprint the book with corrections early in '08. Marked as second printing on p. 3.

However, it looks like it never made it to the site, and I have an awesomely complex email chain discussing parts of the errata ... so in order to put an errata up, I gotta:

* Dig up the actual errata file.
* Add in the changes we made during the email chain.
* Verify that SR4A hasn't further impacted it.

Will get added to the TODO list. After "Finish Seattle or die."
Prime Mover
Cool.....and umm good luck with Seattle.
Doc Byte
I'm still waiting for a RC errata in particular SR4A karmagen.
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