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Full Version: Your Character made himself into a WHAT?
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Of Eyes/Ears.
How does it work?

I am probably just too tired and doped out on painkillers.
Nowhere in the Rules does it say that you can only ever get one Pair of Eyes/Ears.
So in SR3 one pair of Eyes gave you Space for 0,5 Points of Eyeware.
Ultra-Sound uses up 0,5 Points on Standard Grade. so if i have 0,25 Points worth of Essence Left in EACH Pair of Eyes, can i get the US installed without losing more Essence?
In SR4, this is no eye-Ware. But i think the smalles pair of eyes has a Capacity of 6 or something. so if i have 2 Pairs of Eyes, that would give me 12 Slots to use up.
Is there some Eye-Gear that sucks up 4 Capacity? Smartlink or something? If so, what happens if each Pair of Eyes has been filled until there's only 2 Capacity left in Each pair?
Can i get something that uses up 4 capacity installed?
Yes, i know, that in SR3 or 4 most of this stuff would not need to be implanted but can be used in glasses for example.
Yes, i know, that it's a bit of a dumb premise and nobody would get more than one pair installed. And the Second only if the first pair has been filled up. See 5th line from the top.
Augmentation has rules for eyebands and multiple eyes.
Yes, but does it have Rules for Things that cose 6 Capacity and shall be imbedded into a Character with 2 Pairs of Eyes which have 3 Capacity EACH left?
Does the Thing just get split up and fills up the remaining 6 Capacity?
Or do you have to take something out of one Pair of eyes and put it into the other Pair of eyes so you have 6 Capacity in one Pair of eyes alone free?

Also, what is your Stance on SR3, if you have one? Inquiring Minds(I hear 10 voices, 9 of them are telling me i ain't crazy and the last one is humming the Melody of Tetris) want to know!
Well, think about this for a minute. One pair of eyes is already split into two parts, and the slots are distributed between the two. That 6 point piece of equipment would already be split, so why not across four eyes rather than two? Or, one eye from pair #1 and one eye from pair #2?
Because that would make too much sense for the Shadowrun Rules *snickers* ^^
OK, yes, i forgot about that one detail <.< . . i am tired and doped up, i am am allowed to make some mistakes ._.
There are rules for single cybereyes. If you have capacity this is different from multiple eyes. Cybereyes can be placed on just about anywhere on a character. Want eyes on the back of your head then go for it. The eyes do not even have to have the same items. So if you want an occular drone for an eye you can have it.

If you want more than 1 pair of eyes then you could add unique things to the one eye. Laser microphone, occular drone, etc. If you want to make it more concrete then simply pick 2 single eyes and give them different cyberware. It would solve your problem. As for multiple eyes you still have to hook it up to the brain so it will cost more essense and this is reflected in the rules.

My opinion of SR3 is it was the last vestige of a system I despised. If you liked the system then stay with it. I like the SR4 simpler system because it is faster and a bit more manageable. I do miss something such as Karma pools, but overall I felt rewriting of rules brought old players like myself back into the fold.

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