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Full Version: Astral Guardian
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I've been considering this for a while, and while I probably won't have a chance to play him as a character (blasted GM-ing duties), it is a fun concept to play around with. Also could make a good villain.

My basic idea is to make a character who is a specialist in Astral Security. With mages' ability to manifest while astrally projecting, it makes it much easier to leave the body behind.

The general concept is a paraplegic (wheelchair bound), very frail, character with extraordinary mental abilities. He also is skilled in close combat and has a weapon focus he brings with him on missions. As a mage, he's got a few mana based spells, but more importantly has big nasty banish & counterspelling foci. This combination makes him a good character for neutralizing astral threats.

The problem I run into is rationalizing poor physical stats with a high combat ability like bladed weapons. Also, no luck finding a good "paraplegic" negative trait. "Infirm" doesn't really cut it because of the doubled-cost for combat abilities.

Anyway, something I thought I'd throw out there and get other people's opinions.

Oh yeah, and hi again to people who remember me biggrin.gif
While this character may make a good security mage, i'm not sure i'd want him on my team, sorry. At least in 4th. ed., manifesting isn't all that good.
As for the wheelchair-bound warrior, see the Oracle (ex-batgirl) comics. She pretty much kicks ass (hits ass?). Maybe he was once better physically, and after geing hurt he trained in using his arms (no kicks) in close combat.
QUOTE (biccat @ Jun 24 2009, 03:37 AM) *
Also, no luck finding a good "paraplegic" negative trait.

Runners Companion p. 107.
Dakka Dakka
Just to clarify Astral Combat is not a combat skill. It is a Magic Skill.
Does the weapon focus increase the astral-combat-skill also or just the approbriate skill for the weapon? (edged, blunt, etc.)?
Dakka Dakka
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