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Friend was looking around for information on the Underground and that stirred up a couple vague memories of mine. Problem is that I can't find references to them in the books, so now I don't know if they're just really obscure or something I thought up. smile.gif One was a bit saying that the orks had run out a hidden tunnel into Salish-Shidhe territory for smuggling purposes. The other was that some organisation, a gang I think it was, was cooking up some sort of street drug from moss/fungus they were growing down in the dark. Either of these ring a bell with anyone?
Well, New Seattle mentions some smuggling routes through the Underground (p58-59). Also, the Tartarus Ring, operating from the Underground sells a drug named Shade (p. 106) which might origin from said moss/fungus.

Did not find anything else in the old Seattle Sourcebook or the Underworld Sourcebook or Target: Smuggler Havens.

There is a bell ringing, though, I just can't point it closer.
[Wanda talking to Otto voice] The Ork Underground is NOT a political movement! [/Wanda talking to Otto voice]
Those two sound like likely suspects. Thanks. Feel free to keep looking though if you want. smile.gif
I found that but I don't know if it can be of some help to ya

A Guide to the Ork Underground

I've got it rapidly and didn't get a more precise look into it so check it up and let me know if ya got some good (and true) info !

The Shadowrun module DNA/DOA and the novels Preying for Keeps, Never Trust an Elf, and Headhunters have some more glimpses of the Ork Underground.
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