Our hacker is bowing out for the time being (actually just switching characters) and we're headed into a pretty heavy campaign.

I want to set up a microtapper bug with a hacker agent and I have some funds to do so, but I'm not sure how to set this up.

- increased pilot
- autosofts: adaptability, covert ops, maneuverability
- chameleon coating, improved sensor package, maybe a toolkit for cutting stuff

- rating 4? 6?
- programs(most/all optimized): analyze, stealth, exploit(mute), spoof, scan, browse, decrypt(mute), maybe armor + expert defense?

How much do I need to concern myself with the agent's ratings compared to the drone? I'm not really clear on how the agent is limited in that regard. Should I bother with pirated or open source software (the former might be really hard to get for this character)? Any other suggestions for mods/software/etc?