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Hi gang, Long time reader, light poster. Horrible search-fu.

My questions are...

I am making a character, Technomancer From Louisiana CAS.

My first question is can anyone tell me if 1) New Orleans is still above water. 2)What is the CAS like in 2070? There are no books for it. (I wish there were a UCAS and CAS setting books) 3) Can TM's Thread together Simsense and BTL's and Reality Amps (Unwired p.188)?

Thanks in advance,
1) I'm pretty sure they only sunk L.A nyahnyah.gif
2) Still full of Hicks (just kidding, I have no idea nyahnyah.gif)
If you can try to get a copy of Shadows of North America. It details everything in the CAS. I think it has an article on New Orleans as well. I can't remember correctly but I do recall something about part of the city being under water (kinda like Katrina).
Ancient History
Nawlins got a decent write-up in Target: Smuggler Havens and a much briefer entry under the CAS in Shadows of North America.
NOLA is still, inexplicably, above water. If you wanted to sink everything up to the old town parrishes, and build outwards from there, I won't complain.

CAS is basically what the south would be like if they hadn't lost the War of Northern Aggression and now were racist more against orks and the like and ignored things like skin color. If you're human, expect southern hospitality and manners, but none of that northern efficiency (nyahnyah.gif). A lot of small, tightly-nit, agragarian communities.
The only thing about NOLA I can remember reading about in 4e was the mention of krewes and their involvement in the distribution of Tempo in Ghost Cartels.

I second TBRMInsanity's suggestion of finding a copy of Shadows of North America. It's a bit out of date, but can give you good background of the CAS.
Thanks for the info...Any clue on the third part of my question?
QUOTE (Emeraldknite @ Jun 26 2009, 12:31 PM) *
Thanks for the info...Any clue on the third part of my question?

IIRC A hacker may be able to do that but BLTs are essentially a program where TM use complex forms. They aren't compatible with each other. I would say no unless someone can prove me wrong, I'm not a TM expert.
I don't know what specifically you mean by "simsense," because that covers a whole wide range of things, but I can tell you more about your specific questions.

Here's what I KNOW: a TM can learn Simrig as a complex form, which allows him to record his own experiences and upload them onto any sim module. That means, if he can thread a rating 1 program, the TM can also thread Simrig to record his experiences. Anything you can learn as a CF, you can create by threading it from scratch.

Here's what I THINK: I'm not certain what the difference is between a "normal" sim recording and a BTL one, but I reckon a TM with the Edit complex form could make the necessary adjustments to a simsense recording into at least a dreamchip or a moodchip. When it comes to reality filters, I'd rule that you could either thread them or learn them as complex forms, but you'd have to talk to your GM about rating equivalencies. For example, Oracle gives you +2 to perception, which is equivalent to a 10 BP quality. 10 BP buys a rating 10 CF, which I think is a little harsh, but you'll have to use your (and your GM's) judgement.
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