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So I'm looking at throwing in some gangers just to harass the PCs. I took the Halloweener template from 4eA and modified the gear accordingly, however I want to make them orks. The Halloweeners have some pretty sick stats to begin with for thugs, if I just apply the ork bonuses will they seam even more over powered or should I "buy off" the point bonuses. What do y'all recommend. They should just be ork mooks and not a real threat.

The halloweeners from SR4A have average stats (mostly 3's and 2's with one 4 in Agility). I'd just apply the stat mods for Orks and leave it at that. Orks are supposed to be tougher than the average human after all. If you think that they'd have too many dice to soak damage then just downgrade their armor to leathers or just remove it entirely. Just make sure you're not on the recieving end of a pipe to the head from on of those guys.
Depends on the powerlevel of the pcs. Personally I think adding the ork stats is no big deal. If it's too much for your players you might want to tone em down.

As a player I'd rather have a challenge than a cakewalk.
Screaming Eagle
A "good" group of 400 BP pc's should stomp all over a small group (3-6) of the "out of the book" gangers. I am assuming this "in theory" group has one mage with a decent combat, illusion or manipulation spell and one Sammi, not even nessasarily a full on kill machine, but a combat and/or speed character.
Adding "Orc" gives them a bit more damage resistance and some better melee damages but this should hardly be tipping any balances unless they get the jump on the group.

If you think they will have a problem cause your PC's are under par combat wise (IE. they are all technomancers, hackers and dirty hippies) have the orc gang be all about the open display of their extensive tatoos/ scars / stranger body mods - armor is for breeders, they're tough. Have them operate without extensive use of guns, stick to knifes chains and maybe polearms for a Go-Gang. Alternativly have them be orc posers - use the human stats and well... ya...
Awesome, for the record hopefully there wont be any fighting. They are just there to give the runners a hard time if they set up surveillance on the gangs turf. Steal some hubcaps, talk tough, that kinda stuff. Just be a nu sense for a team that doesn't want to be seen. I'll probably just add the ork. I already removed the armor, hand razors, and just gave them baseball bats
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