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Full Version: Fatal Plot holes
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Hey everyone, I am playing as a 16 year old Technomancer whose world got turned upside down as his parents have "gone Missing" and his information has been erased from his corporate enclave, also no one "seems" to recognize him....

The hidden backstory that me and my GM generated is, they have done it. One of the corporations have finally "made" their own Technomancer. Through years of selective breeding and gene therapy a technomancer was born, and this time intentionally. Raised to be loyal to this corporation and to become an information specialist. Young Calvin (That is the character's name) was trained under one of the companies spiders. He progressed quickly and is now able to match or beat some of the less experienced spiders on the company's payroll in cybercombat and in other scenarios such as capture the file, king of the network etc...

In an act of sabatage someone (be it a technomancer hater or a rival company) has really thrown a wrench in this corperation's plans as Calvin fled to the shadows that he has seen on the news rather than seek more help form his parent company. The heads of the program see this as a golden opportunity to field test their new weapon and see how well he could manage himself.

I just read some fluff regarding the persecutions that the technomancers faced when their abilities became known... Given my character's backstory, wold he face the same amount of discrimination and danger years after the "Hong Kong" incident. He is quite naive and the program heads have been careful to what kind of information is released to young Calvin regarding technomancers. All Calvin know is that he uses the matrix differently, he feels at home when immersed with information, and he has been given more attention then his peers from the Parent Corporation.

Is there anything else that I should expand on due to plot holes, or would that tread on the GM's rights to make more "hidden" Backstory...
Screaming Eagle
Mysterious Cyberware - Cortex Bomb (area or better), not a plot suggestion, just tossing it out there in case you like it. If they made him, test or no test they sure as hell don't want anycorp else profiting by it. If he's really so lovey dovey with the corp before there is basically nothing stoping them from putting stuff in his skull aside from morality - and that is usually a low profit venture. It is of course running "dark" with no wireless capability... what triggers it... hmm.

More to the question: there hasn't really been time for there to be "selective breeding" unless they were toying with the Otaku and were accidentily going along the right lines to get Technomancers as well, even then you're looking at force grown clones or something for multiple generations implied. Focus more on genetic manipulation, fixes problem. Aside from that it looks ok. Loose enough for the GM to play with, enough info to actually hang things on (you have PARENTS with some latent technomancer genetics going on? Woohoo!).
I'd go with clone over breeding....
Tiger Eyes
QUOTE (Warlordtheft @ Jun 26 2009, 12:36 PM) *
I'd go with clone over breeding....

Note that you can't clone an Awakened or Emergent person and get an Awakened or Emergent clone... wink.gif

Also, like Screaming Eagle pointed out, Technomancers have only been identified for a few years. An otaku research program would be more likely; after the crash many surviving otaku did become technomancers. If the kid had been identified as an otaku prior to the crash, then his handlers saw he had some... unusual... abilities after the crash, they'd likely know what they had by 2072. (And I also agree with Screaming Eagle; parents who produced a techomancer child would be pretty highly valued by a corp as well, if only for them to try, try again.)
Heath Robinson
QUOTE (Tiger Eyes @ Jun 26 2009, 05:43 PM) *
Note that you can't clone an Awakened or Emergent person and get an Awakened or Emergent clone... wink.gif

This sentence is misleading, iirc. It implies that a clone of an Awakened or Emerged metahuman will never exhibit the abilities of their original. You can clone a mage and the clone may awaken, but it's not a predetermined prospect - the influencing factors are more complex than just genetics.

For Technomancers? Who knows? I'd go in for "it's a possibility I can't deny".
Of course, the fact that thus far the corps haven't been able clone Mages on demand doesn't prevent them from spending research money trying to figure it out, and I'm sure the same applies with Technomancers.
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