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Hey All,

Where can I find 2070 info on NYC? The SR4 books mentions it as having been struck by a big ol' earthquake in 2005, recovered enough to get the stock exchange back in the 2060s but little else. Im setting my campaign there and mostly imagining it as a William Gibson sorta endless sprawl thats been broken into several small island ghettos as a result of the Earthquake. Said shaker also opened up nasty access points to the underworld where things go bump in the night. I'd be interested to see if they have published anything.

Ancient History
The Rotten Apple: Manhattan
Beyond that, Neo Anarchists Guide to North America, which was a 1st edition product, covers some early SR material for New York. Corporate Enclaves for SR4 has a little bit about it as well. The Manhatten E-Book that AH linked to is also pretty good stuff, though it only covers Manhatten Island, and doesn't really touch much on the surrounding Burroughs.
At least until the next supplement to it.
From the Chat TRanscript;

[Stephen.McQuillan] Rotten Apple was the first Manhattan eBook, building on the information in Runner Havens and designed to support the Missions Campaign. Rotten Apple 2 is scheduled for a Fall release and goes into information about what happens outside of Manhattan in some of the other Boroughs.

[Stephen.McQuillan] The second NYC eBook will delve into Brooklyn, the Bronx and the Organized Crime groups working in the Boroughs.

Gotta see what they do to Coney Island. devil.gif
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