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Full Version: Help I have too much karma.
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First a warning. Feild of Fire player I dont mind you reading this but meta gaming will be responded with GM flait.

So I need a few prime runners to challenge a team of 1250 karma mercs. And I'm having trouble thinking of ways top spend this much.

I have one idea an AI rigger but thats all.

So first my house rules for this there is no max to qualities brought past 70 karma positive but there is still a negative limit of 70 and resources can be ignored slightly state how much you spent but its not needed in the build cost.

Thematically I want some shocktroops for an eco terrorist group and any interesting build you can pull off with this much to spend.
The Jake
Go a technomancer.

No such thing as 'too much karma' for a TM.

- J.
Mystic Adept is a nice choice with that much Karma. In fact, consider a couple points of 'ware, especially if money's little issue. Combine Type-O Body with the magic if money's tight, otherwise BioCompatibility (Bioware) with Deltaware. Initiate to make up for the missing ESS/MAG and to get extra powers. If you want some more detailed information because I piqued your interest, drop me a PM.
Free spits are stupid and I have a TM a combat TM 5 IPs cyber 4 meat and a legion of anthropomorm drones. I was just wondering if there are any build that are combat deadly that would do well with such a build bar the juicer how could make him self immune to all negative effects of combat drugs and pump him self up to ott stats. Or a cyberzombie I cant see many mundane threats at such a power level.

AIs end up with 6 rating 12 programs and a host of powers. make nice drone commanders. But TMs do it better if less creepily.
The Jake
A well built TM can fulfil multiple roles. Mages or adepts in high powered games have been played to death. I've seen Initiate Grade 6+ mages in long term campaigns that were terrifying.

OTOH, how many have played an overpowered TM?

- J.
A Free Spirit with 1250 could be terrifying.

A TM with that much would also be pretty crazy.

A Mage with silly levels of initiation, deltaware Synaptic booster 3 and a few other tweaks would be pretty crazy. As in able to use heavy magic in deep space kind of crazy.

Who needs karma when you can have a mortar?
Try putting an AI or a cyborg in the Fed-Boeing Eagle-C fighter jet. Or put the same thing in a Celebrian Striker, and put a (rules-illegal) hovercraft upgrade on it.

And a cyberzombie is a must. Everyone can imagine a chromed-out troll with cybermuscles on top of his biomuscles on top of his drug-enhanced real muscles, but what about something else? Go for a false front, reprogrammable cybereyes, fingerprint-rewriting nanites, a voice modulator, tailored pheromones, enhanced pheromone receptors, maybe an implanted fingertip-monowhip and smart skin (the nano-version of armoured skin). If you wanted you could make it so subtle that even a millimeter-wave scanner couldn't tell this person had cyber beyond a datajack, commlink (with empathy and lie detection software) and cybereyes. It'd be the perfect infiltrator; it might even be able to pose as a member of the party, although pulling that off without the players realizing would be tricky. Maybe offer to play the character of a player who's called in sick, and keep track of whether you're playing the real or the fake, giving the PCs appropriate rolls to notice. Throw in a chemical gland, and this smooth operator could get into all sorts of mischief.

Another cyberzombie I designed I like to call the spider. SURGE up a human with an extra 4 arms, make them all extendable cyberarms with grapple hands, snake fingers and hand razors, and slip chemical glands producing cyanide into each hand. I'm sure you get the concept, but once you put gecko-grip on all the hands and grip feet + foot anchors in the feet, watching this thing scuttle up buildings while tossing a hand down 30 meters to poison your ass would be terrifying.

This would also be the time to break out a Nosferatu, and do whatever you want with its all-around power.

Well its a merc team our rigger has 30+ combat drones. We have mortars and a troll that only uses the heavy weapons skills. An AI figher/gunship has been made and is fun exploring the GM's call and weapons rules + overmodding. The fluff it that its a prototype. Cyborgs are fun but I feell that AIs do the same roll beeter no CCU just a drone rank with a small mini drone to escape if the host is going to go down.
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