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Full Version: Where to find BeCKS for 2nd edition?
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Hi ya'll smile.gif

Guess what: I'm back smile.gif admit it: you have no clue to who I am.

My regular gaming group have decided to try something other then "that fantasy-game" (no names mentioned out of fear of lawsuit) and since our future GM has all of the Shadowrun 2nd Edition books (except the core rulebook), he decided - in his finite wisdom - to start a 2nd ed campaign. I've managed to get hold of a core rulebook now (bough used, held together with duct-tape and with tomato-sauce stains on the front), so we're good to go.

Except...we need BeCKS for 2nd edition. Does it exist? and do you know where we can get hold of it?

The one, the smile.gif
Only thing I can find are the SR3 versions. Not sure there was one for SR2.

Version 1 available in TSS #15
Version 2 available here

Should be fairly simple to adapt.

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