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Full Version: Request for Assistance and possible Ideas
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Hi all - I've yet another horror run (no, not Horror) scheduled for my hapless guests and was wanting to pull out the stops as I managed to amaze myself with a twisted, sickly, incestuous web of fear and loathing...and would like to really make them stretch. Your suggestions will be gratefully suggested, but "Include Horrors/Dragons/Immortal Elves" will be met with derision. Seriously, if we wanted to play HB, we would.

My team are experienced, initiated and well-armed. Most have earnt over 3 million nuyen.gif or more in the course of the last few runs and have had a few months downtime to let the heat die off and unwanted past associates die on the vine...but now the past has come back and they might have pried a little too deeply into things best left undisturbed.

Oh, and the downtime was spent honing skills, binding foci and learning creole - i have good players.

1: A long time ago, some members of the existing team managed to take out (in gruesome fashion) an organ-legging operation that had branched out into a lot more exotic perversions under the guiding hand of the Tamanous with some Carrib influences there as well (as well as a source of easy cash and info while moving the merch...)

2: Players, being young and new to the game...and lacking any sort of success in regard to "underworld politics" and "Current Affairs", looted like mofo's and got away clean, mostly due to an uncommon series of heinous rolls and bloodymindedness. (They really liked the descriptions of half-frozen, gutted and broken down bodies, neatly stacked and awaiting disposal. Gel clips out, EXEX rounds in.)

3: Apart from recovering a necklace/tiara set that could have been a possible focus...and looted off of a Tir noble's "disappeared" daughter, the resident mage managed to snaffle the Persec of one of the more senior and 18 months after that run, remembered to toss it over to the decker and decode the damn thing.

4: Juicy, juicy, juicy info. Like the names and dates/times that "influenced" doctors of Seattle General Hospital had signed off for the disposal of sadly-departed patients...healthy ones that were chosen for blood and serum matches through hospital records supplied to the Tamanous. After reading through some notes, the more clued-in members of that run realised that some subtle agencies were at work here, and a more softly-softly approach would be of more use.

5: While the resident face (A troll Mage. Seriously, it works for us.) and her backup (Dwarven death machine and explosives expert. Minimal cyber, just able to roll when it counts.) met up with the Head of Pediatrics in the guise of a cashed-up and clueless benefactor, the Dwarf used his skill to try and make contact with some of the other names on his list..and failing his etiquette and bluff rolls in a manner most comical.

6:The face did manage to save the situation, leaving us with 4 very scared and horrified doctors while she maintains a suicide watch over them and the dwarf digs through hospital records looking for clues.

7: The mage who scooped up the Persec that started this all did a little oversight of some locations they had derived from the unit - starting with a bar linked to a warehouse owned through 2 shell companies...and with wards of interesting complexity. Guarded by a spirit. A blood Spirit.

8: At this point, we decided to pull in a lot of markers and get some heavy guns in, magically, physically and matrix-wise. This lead to a decker acquaintance of ours (the one that decyphered the Persec) linking, unravelling and getting rapidly creeped-out...

9: And the Dwarf insisting that his economic advisor (who had happened to uncover quite a few links - shell companies and alike - for us) take a few weeks holiday at the Hilton under "John Doe".

10: Which leads us to the fun part. 4 hours of round-table discussion uncovered the vague links and extra-squickyness for a rough outline of what had occurred...

11: The Tamanous had kidnapped a young university student - her family had hired the fixer who got us (The original gang) to look about, and ultimately waste the entire facility, saving the young maiden from sacrifice. (seriously "temple of doom in 2060" stuff) The gang were pretty damaged and not really in the best mood so they tossed her to the parents and drove off with steaming credsticks.

12: 25 years ago, the Grand uncle of the Father of the Kidnapped student disappeared in Europe...some scary rolls (Interpol!) indicated he'd become one of the infected, a Nosferatu. Oh, great. Also, the owner of the bar has a very unsavory reputation(Pirate family perk), and hadn't aged from his last arrest in Corsica, 15 years ago. So either he'd aged really well or....

13: Creepily, father of kidnapped student and his wife were related, via the suspected Nosferatu's illegitimate niece (I had to make an association tree).

14: Their bloodwork was processed by a private clinic....that had referenced over 40% of the possible "sources" of organleg material to Seattle General.

15: A street contact had described the bar owner as a real bloodsucker, "No, man, I'm not shafting you, seriously, that bar used to be a longshoreman hangout, now it's all Caribbean Indians, hooch and a creepy vibe. And the owner, seriously, you never see him out of the bar, and only at night...and he stares at you, like you were meat on a hook...and the thing is, you know that if you stay, you will be" <contact is actually a sensitive, doesn't know it, nor did the dwarf, but that comment was made well before the whole blood spirit and vampire info, so it got rather quiet around the table when someone brought it up again>

16: Some excellent detective work and thorough researching, the players have got the majority of the picture - The distant relation was turned and developed an unhealthy interest in his family...and decided the best way to develop a suitable heir would be through a controlled breeding program. (Wires were crossed, the maiden was kidnapped, rescued and an example made of the failures.) After suitable time had passed and a more trusty contact was installed, the program began again....the records indicated more family groups visiting the clinic than before, the majority of which had an unusual and rare blood protein factor <Roll Paranormal Animals....oh, a 3. Great, anyone else?>

17: Now here we are, the shadows are dark and lengthening and if possible, some quick-and-nasty probing attacks on supposedly-secure safehouses might indicate that they need to finish this, one way or the other, soon.

Suggestions, flames, ideas? (Yes, our runs are recorded...and evil)

dude i am so in.....and add dragons...lots of dragons
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