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Full Version: Shadowrun, reality?!
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Stick shock anyone?
for some reason i thought this already existed.
They announced it months ago. I heard it had significant issues in testing.
So like the equivalent in SR, yes? Only, of course, with actual testing nyahnyah.gif
Mr. Mage
You know, I was actually unaware that Taser was a company name. I always tought it was just a type of weapon, like "sword" or "shotgun"...
Prime Mover
Shotgun rounds been out for awhile. Taser wall is cool too.

We houseruled years ago that stick-n-shock ammo was only available for shotguns. Real life, so far, is bearing with us smile.gif
QUOTE (Shrike30 @ Jul 3 2009, 09:11 AM) *
We houseruled years ago that stick-n-shock ammo was only available for shotguns. Real life, so far, is bearing with us smile.gif

I would propably go more to the way of upping the damage of the shotgun version, 8S(e) sounds about right.
What about a stick and shock shuriken? That'd be sweet.
Rotbart van Dainig
Throwing darts or spears are better.
QUOTE (Rotbart van Dainig @ Jul 3 2009, 09:43 AM) *
Throwing darts or spears are better.

Ask your GM if you can buy capacitors, about the size of a D cell battery (you know what those are, right?). Something about like this. I don't know if that one has a high enough capacity, but I'm basing this on a story I once heard.

Anyway, take those, rig up a way to charge them, then toss them like darts, the metal connecting prods pointing forward. Instant taser dart.

The story I told was a bunch of guys in shop class fooling around zapping each other with small capacitors, charged up a large one, and--as a joke--tossed it at a professor, who was knocked out cold from the shock.
Um, I doubt that, unless they also had prison tats.

Tasers actually are pretty complex. It's not a simple electrical charge. It doesn't knock people out, it causes your voluntary muscles to stop working due to the way the taser controls the waveform. It's not a lot of fun, but the effect vanishes very fast when the charge is removed. Unless you are someone with serious heart problems, in which case you should avoid going hand to hand with cops with Tasers. But being beaten with a metal baton or getting lungful of pepper spray isn't usually good for people with heart conditions either, so it's probably best to avoid getting in fights with cops if you are severely ill.
Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you:
No, it's not only on wiki.
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