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One of the things I both love (and sometimes hate) about Shadowrun is the amount of bookkeeping that can go on with any given character. Depending on the type of character, you can have weapons, drones, vehicles, spells, adept powers, complex forms, programs, implants and more to keep track of.

So what character sheets do most people tend to use? The 2-Page from the book is nice, but it really doesn't have a TON of space. And while multiple-page sheets are nice, they can lead to a lot of paper flipping at the table. And not all of us are so lucky as to have a laptop or other device at the table to keep our notes and such on.

There are a number of good sheets available here.

Also, I used to have access to a great weapon sheet that had room for 4 or 5 guns, and even had an ammunition tracker. I would love to find this bad boy for my new merc character, who has 27 or so various boomsticks in his collection.
I basically use my own ones, but i didn´t publish them until now because i think they are too big. I have one page for every purpose, not a combined sheet with e.g. cyberware and attributes on the same page. This doesn´t seem to be wanted by most of the other players acc. to the sheets i have seen so far. Whoever wants to have a look at them, should send me a message^^
I also use my own sheets. I've found a few good ones that people have made but they never really had everything that I wanted on just two pages so I could print front and back. I did find one that I liked and I used it as a guide to make my own.

I tried using the sheet of of the BBB but it doesn't have enough space for everything and having the categories labled on the bottom of the boxes just made everything confusing.

You can find my sheets here if you want to take a look.
I'm using an updated version of Wordman's old SR3 sheets, which is on my page in my sig.
wordman's style is the way to go, I forget who did the 4th ed version, but their great, you can customise a two sided page (from a pdf of like 20 pages) and it'll cover just about everything. Plus sheets for drones, spirits NPC's etc.
I created my own sheets which I personally like. I find most players use 4 sheets from it, but more or less is possible.

Note that open office screws up some of the formatting and colors, if you don't have excell, the pdf is better.
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