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Full Version: I know I've asked this before
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Will SR4A be available on As someone without a readily available Game Store, is my best option. And I have noticed that the other core books have been showing up as for sale. But you (the people who work for Catalyst) have talked about not selling to before, so I just wanted to check.
As it happens, Amazon isn't your only option. BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG both carry Catalyst stuff.
Those are for pdf's.

I've heard good reports from Troll and Toad, Noble Knight, and Stiggybaby's. Personally, I do most of my shopping on Ebay for physical books, when I can't find/afford it at a local game store.
Yeah, Stiggybaby's was all right - I used them once, no problems, when was taking forever to get a particular sourcebook. will have SR4A, I'm sure, it just seems to take them a bit longer sometimes. But it can be worth it, because they tend to offer very good price discounts, even on new stuff.
My experience is that amazon is cheep and reliable, and usually fast, but that new releases tend to take a long time to ship, due to the sheer volume of orders they receive. It took me 3 1/2 months to get my D&D 4e books after they came out even though I pre-ordered them.
Battlecorp does offer print and pdf combos, and some source books are available through them.
Most of the time I don't buy from itself. I buy from one of the third party sellers that list on They are typically reliable, and most of the time much cheaper than Amazon. And when Amazon is slow on getting new releases, many of the third party sellers will have a copy. Usually at the "lower than suggested" price set Amazon.
Battlecorps do sell print copies and better - sell PDF&Print combo offers. DriveThruRPG don't do print, but are fine for PDF.

As I'm in the UK, I will likely order mine from Leisure Games along with some other books. I've not ordered from them before so this isn't an endorsement. I just found them because Adam mentioned them and they looked quite comprehensive.
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