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Full Version: Strange spell entries in a CharGen
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Doc Chaos
There are some entries at the bottom of the spell section of this CharGen:
For example, the spells "Boom", or "Shockwave" are listed with "Source: Street Magic". Oddly enough, my copy of the book does not list those spells. Could somebody shed some light on this...?
Ancient History
If you check at the beginning of the grimoire section in Street Magic, there's a list of spell names for different elemental effects - they all work the same as fireballs, etc. except with a different element.
Sidebar on page 168. Rather than putting together full write-ups of direct combat spells with all of the new elemental effects introduced in Street Magic (Pages 164-165), they threw in a sidebar stating that they worked the same as the existing ones except for the elemental effects associated with them, and gave a quick chart with the names said spells have.
They're the names of different Indirect Combat spells listed in a sidebar in Street Magic. You just switch in the appropriate elemental effect.

What? I wanted to join in! wink.gif biggrin.gif
Bah, and I thought we were discussing here about really non-existent-spells. Bah...^^
Doc Chaos
And here I was, always wondering why there were described effects that werent in any of the listed spells... I feel stupid now. Thanks guys smile.gif
That's a Templar, an Amarr fighter drone used by carriers.

Wait, wrong game. Sorry, meme cross-contamination.
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