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Full Version: ASUS Eee Keyboard
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Pre-deck ASUS Eee Keyboard, starting to look familier... smile.gif
This showed up here on the forums a while ago, as well as a guy who took a wireless keyboard and welded it onto his iPhone, making much the same setup.
Cool...SR has already started.^^
The concept of a computer in the keyboard is not new by any stretch of the imagination (here is my old computer : Amgia 500). I do like this machine and will be waiting to see the first reviews on it.
Not another single core atom netbook! I already have a Eee netbook and there is not a whole lot that you can do with one. Serious lack of power. And hell, mine has double the ram and 5~10x the hdd capacity of that one. But I will say that it is a very lovely looking piece of kit.
The Jake
I like the EEE PC (I have one myself) but it is a tad underpowered for anything other than a PDF reader.

I use it predominantly for my gaming, although I've been intended on turning it into a wardriving/wireless attack platform for sometime...

- J.
I use mine for tuning cars. Go figure.
That's about the only thing i can see them being usefull for.
Running only a bit of disgnostics, saving and loading settings into other things.
i am STILL waiting for the industry to stop trying to squeze a complete computer into a cellphone and instead build a complete cellphone into a laptop . .
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