Considering how nutty our SR4 game has gotten recently I figured I'd post a summary of our sessions here to see what you guys think. If nothing else it should provide some entertainment value. Our group started out playing a crash course in D&D that last almost a year and a half and we'd begun floundering around for something else to play because we couldn't seem to stick with anything. Having been a SR fan since 3rd edition I suggested it we give it a shot. So after slaving over character creation and spread sheets for almost 8 hours our designated GM, another member of our group and I sat down to give the game a test run. At character creation my friend bought a Nissan Patrol Car and considering there was just the two of us at the time we decided to name ourselves the Blues Brothers. I play a gun bunny technomancer with amnesia (I have given the GM my permission to mess with me) who does most of the contracting and my buddy plays a stealth focused sniper. We both reside in a craptastic apartment building next to a parking garage "somewhere" in Seattle. I say somewhere because we live in specific neighborhood I just can't remember were at the moment. Our landlord is Korean who's daughter is a party girl. The game begins with us in our separate apartments on different floors of the building. I get a call from my fixer. He has a milk run for us: pick up package from two guys in the city and drop it off at a specific address in the warehouse district. Sound simple enough. I grab Elwood and the car and head off to pick up the package. Turns out the package is a person. Figures. The two guys hand him over bound and gagged. The pickup goes smoothly, we stuff the kid in the back of the car, I climb in after him to keep him under wraps and we head off towards the warehouse district. The we drop the kid off a little worse for wear (he started it) but something about the whole deal stinks so I have Elwood cover me with his sniper rifle from a nearby roof. He gets a decent look at what's going on inside their warehouse via thermal graphic vision and discover not only is the kid dead but somebody in there is definitely not human. We head back to the car and catch them trying to bug our car but I hack it and disable it and we head back to the apartment. We get propositioned by a drug dealer in the parking garage but we brush him off. We manage to pickup another job from my fixer, this time we have to steal the deed to a club. We head out get to the club and find the place hopping. We decide its much easier to sneak in the back than deal with the line and the bouncer. I disable the security camera and set off the fire alarm. While everybodys running out the front we're sneaking in the back only to find the deed isn't on the clubs computer system but stashed in an old filing cabinet. We nab the document and sneak back out while the owner is talking with the fire department. Dropping off the document at the local Kinko's and decide to call it a night. We park the car and the drug dealer tries to mug us. I shoot him dead and we take his stuff. End of session. Not great but it gets better, honest. I think that's enough for the moment. I'll post the next session later.