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Full Version: Building a better gun
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Are there any rules or even rules to translate that can do this? I know that armor, firearms, blade design is covered... and engineering. But how does one go about it? What are the limitations on the plan or design? and how does one go about dice rolling for it?

The closest thing I can come up with is a variation on the modifications system where you take an existing gun (or guns) and use the frame from one, and put in what's needed to make it work. But even that would end up ripping modification rules all the way to hell and back.

Arguably, with the right workshop or facility, and with a desktop forge, it could be done... but I don't see how one would say... rechambering and adding a new barrel to a slivergun to use rifle rounds or something... much less to design the concept from scratch.
what i did was allow the player to choose the base equipment. then halve the stats of it. and for every so many successes they got to add to the stats. its simple but it worked.
Regiment--Better, how?

Are you looking to make a custom, electronic firing, burst capable handgun with nearly twice as much ammo as a Predator and breaks down easily to look like a toiletrie kit? Everything I just described can be done with the regular rules. If you want to build it from scratch, by all means, do so. As a GM, determine the mechanics side of things (DV, AP, etc) and set a threshold. Because they are working without a plan, modify their dice rolls accordingly (or you can set a threshold/interval for a Firearms Design Test to create plans).
Heh, yeah, more scratch-like was my thoughts... I'm a player, not the GM... but I put together a character for my current game that has the armorer skills and knowledges, and has a thing for pistols. But the GM increased the range modifiers, so even Heavy Pistols ends up taking a beating at anything over medium range.

I was thinking more along the lines of taking a slivergun... gutting it... and replacing the barrel with an extended/heavy version (giving up the sound suppressor), maybe with gas vent (yes, I know RAW says can't do that with mods, but if it was being built that way...). Then switch it to use something like HVAR ammo (without the superfastmachinegunspeed). So in the end, it's got a decent ammo capacity, SA/BF, and 5p or 6p damage with something like SMG range.

Heh... now that I think about it... it might be easier and more productive to find a couple ares redlines and get a new skill... granted, can't do custom ammo or anything nifty like that... but the stats on those are decent enough to make a pistoleer think about upgrading.
An option could be to make an SMG, with a shorter barrel (increasing conceability) which would put range firmly between the SMG and Pistol. The Super Mach is an HVAR gun and meets all of the other criteria.

that wouldn't be a pistol though frown.gif

Kinda hard to do the gunslinger thing, stetson, duster, background being from the DFW sprawl... with supermachs in quick draw holsters.

Heh, I thought about maybe doing ingram smartguns with custom look 2, or maybe request a 3 with bonuses of a 2, and make them look like big pistols

Atleast the lasers are actually pistols with serious armor negation and smg range
do you have 5bp? get marstal arts, then, kragmoga? (i forget the name, the hand to hand combat the isralis use)) you just need one point of it, and pick the ready weapon abbility init, it will let you quick draw when ever you want,

Great thought, I appreciate the help, but while significant, it's not really where I was trying to go with all of this.

I made a gunslinger type character, and he's already in an active game. I was just trying to figure out if there were ways to make pistols better at longer ranges.

Though, what you said about krav manga did give me a thought.

One of their manuvers is to get "take aim" as a free action... wouldn't I be able to use vision magnification to make all shots short range?
You get one Free Action per pass, so you'd be able to take at least one shot at short range, both if you don't have to switch targets.
The Barrel Extension mod gives you a slight boost to range.

Unfortunately, while there's several cases of light and heavy pistols exchanging ranges, there don't appear to be any with ranges beyond the normal heavy pistol range.

The Hawk Eye quality could also be useful for your character.
would that be compatible with increased range finder?
Hard to say. Both of them state that they aren't compatible with vision magnification, but don't mention each-other. I'd lean towards no, but ask your GM.
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