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Full Version: Blood Mountain Boys
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Apart from information given in New Seattle (which I already own), is there any info available on this gang?

I'm starting a game where the players are members of the gang, and if there's any canon info on them, I'd love to have it..

Nothing major, mind you.. Just names of members, perhaps the name of the leader-aparent (as I see them as sort of a Hell's Angels of the 2060s, I doubt they have an actual leader.. I personally think of them as a splinter-cell gang, with chapters all over the country, but I'm just making that up on my own..).. I'd love to have any information available..
Though my copy is on loan at the moment, IIRC the old Seattle Sourcebook had the info you are looking for about the Blood Mountain Boys.
Did it mention anything about who the leader of said gang might be?
Lose, I used the Blood Mountain Boys, and I think I've got a write up, but they are nothing close to canon anymore.
That doesn't bother me.. Show me what you've got.. I'm interested.
Wow.. Just, wow.. That's beautiful.. Canon, or not, I'm using that..

It works perfectly with what I already had in mind..

The PCs will be of relatively high influence in the gang (not quite lieutenants), working their way up the gangs ladder.. Perhaps Bowzer can bite the bullet in a massive turf war, causing one of the PCs to rally the gang, and perhaps renew their power and influence..

Our current group of PCs is as follows..

Stubz - Dwarven Bull Shaman.
Loki - Troll Physical Adept
Crash - Orkish Rigger/Brawler
Kit - Fox Shapeshifter Adept/Thief
Slick - Elven Face

It'll probably be Slick who takes over leadership, with Loki as Warchief and Stubz as Warlord.

I've always wanted to run a gang based campaign, and the little intro game I did last night was great.. I really see this game going places..

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