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Full Version: Old SR player in need of cannon fluff
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I'm a huge fan of Shadowrun. But we stopped playing when 3rd Edition came out. Nothing against 3rd, we just were still playing 2nd and having fun. Well I thought we were having fun. But SR stopped.

Now we are playing it again. I have it set in efall/winter 2063. Now when I was younger we cared about blowing stuff up. Not the storyline or arc that FAASA was doing.
Now that I'm older I want that flavor in my games.
We are playing 3rd since that's what most of us(one has all of them) have books for now, but that's a lot of fluff to cover.

Can someone help?

When did Big D get elected in the game? When did he die/close the Nexus?
I read in these forums about another Matric Crash in the 60's When did that happen?
And can I get a quick run down about this Year of the Comet?

Is there a book that can catch me up with every major event in the 2060s to help me with my fluff for my games?

Thanks in advance.
like this?
Nope, no single book can catch you up with anything big all at once.
Survival of the fittest was after the big D died to see who would get to be loremaster i think.
Renracu Arcology Shutdown was just that.
Bug City and/or universal brotherhood dealt with the insects.
And so on, and so on.
The Big D got elected AND died the same day . . or at least not too far apart
So most of what happened is before our (the game I'm running) timeline. Except the crash. >:) ...very good...
If you ignored the story arc in your previous campaign I'd recommend you set your new campaign at an earlier date and play from there. If you like the SR fluff, you might as well experience it. Perhaps you can dig up some of the old key modules.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jul 24 2009, 12:06 AM) *
The Big D got elected AND died the same day . . or at least not too far apart

On March 15th 2057, Dunkelzahn declared his intention to run for president of the UCAS.

Election day was August 7th 2057.

He died on August 9th 2057—the night of his inauguration.

What's this about the Nexus closing?
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (otakusensei @ Jul 25 2009, 01:12 PM) *
What's this about the Nexus closing?

QUOTE (otakusensei @ Jul 25 2009, 02:12 PM) *
What's this about the Nexus closing?

I thought I read it here in the forums (I think in a Denver related thread) that were Big D died there is a Void in Astral. Some thought that he scarificed himself to close something bad. Or something like that. Hey I read lots here and sometimes get things mixed up...
He sacrificed himself, to stop the bridge from forming which would have allowed the Horrors access to our world, if I recall correctly. There is still a rift from the event in front of the Watergate hotel, under military surveillance. (This is where Ghostwalker came out of.)

The Denver Nexus suffered some damage during the Crash (didn't everything?) but is back in full-force.
Cannon fluffer?  That's a job that sounds downright suicidal. 

Sorry *ducks* It had to be said.  

And no, I don't have anything seriously useful to add to this thread.

The second crash ushered in SR4 and wireless and technomancers.

The Big D sacrificed himself to save the world. Tho' at times I sorta wonder if he didn't actually pull a Gandalf.

If I was going to read any books to catch up to the present, it would be Year of the Comet and Wake of the Comet and, of course, the 4th edition BBB.

mattness pl
Many corps from SR2 cease to exist and was replaced by new brood (check shadowrun wikis for details)
Ok, Big D
[ Spoiler ]

And this is why the Dragon-Heart Trilogy is considered pretty bad by most people around here it seems ^^

The 2nd Crash.
That will happen, what with Data about who belongs to whom is lost.
And i STILL think the way the transition from 3rd to 4th ed in terms of fluff was executed exceptionally poorly, so don't expect me to say many good things about that either.

I think that one went down with the 2nd Crash too. Also, there were some rather strong hints about the nexus belonging to one of the big megacorps.
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