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Full Version: help me with my legacy character.
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K. please don't say "just use the Tacical AR Soft and call it a Tactical computer." I'll explain why in a minute.

I had an SR3 NPC that had a tactical computer from Cybertechnology and Man&Machine I'd like to write rules for this gear to make it work in the SR4 framework. Help please.

from M&M pp, 22,23,
Essence 1.5 Cost 400,000¥, Availability 12/60 days, Street Index 4

Game Effects:
... Every 2 senses that are applicable to the current combat situation give the tactical computer 1 rating point. Each rating point provides 1 additional die to the user's Combat Pool (maximum bonus of 4), adds +1 to the user's Small Unit Tactics Skill and allows the character to use 25 percent (cumulative, maximum 100 percent) of his Combat Pool for surprise tests. These bonuses apply for both ranged and melee combat. if the user does not have the Small Unit Tactics Skill. use the bonus as the characters's skill rating. Tactical Computer bonuses do not assist in Rigging or Decking. (bold mine)

(a tactical computer connected to a radio could also be a battle tac master unit, basicaly a millitary comlink.)

One of the main reasons that I'd like this character to have the Legacy ware instead of tactical AR is that There Was no AR back in the good old days (5 years ago.) This made the tactical compute Super Cool. Because there was no AR, instead of just giving the character really detailed battle data in his HUD the tactical computer worked more like a Skillsoft or Knowsoft. Instead of 'read HUD and respond' it was more instinctive; suggestions and impulses sent right to the brain. The only way I can explain it in SR4 terms is: Tactical AR = Datasoft, Tactical Computer = Skillsoft.

The other reason that the character needs a Tactical Computer is that he works alone. No teamates or drone swarm to fill up extra slots for a bonus.

Finaly, I'd like him to have a tactical computer because he could use the SR3 skill; Small Unit Tactics, for an initiative bonus.

So, I have some ideas about how this might work but I'd like to hear your ideas first because I want this thread to be about your ideas as opposed to the merrits of mine.

Thank You.

[ON A SIDE NOTE: looking of information in M&M makes me want to break stuff! What a completely FUCKED UP layout that was. Anyone who complains about the current presentation in SR4 books should have to spend a day referencing M&M and rigger 3 as punishment. I'm still not a fan of green tables but newer books are soooooo much better. THANKS ADAM! you deserve a scooby snack.]
The Jake
If by Skillsoft, you mean ActiveSoft, then yes.

BTW, you've given no reason mechanically why Tactical AR software couldn't be used, because the software already provides active bonuses, although it is a bit more restrictive - it has to be by nature due to the abolishment of the Combat dice pool.

- J.
OK some of us fogies remember when there were no Active softs. there were just Datasofts, Knowsofts and Skillsofts wich were the previous generation of Active softs.

as to mechanics.

A tactical computer should be a stand alone system requreing no additional team members but able to take advantage of them as with the (sr3) battle tac system.

I don't think a tactical computer should provide all of the bonuses that Tactial AR does. (it really didn't do all that last eddition.)

It would be better if there was a small unit tactics skill in SR4.
My idea of how it might work in these rules is that it could provide up to 4 levels of a Physad's Combat sence power. Require no or only Free actions to use. and based upon some skill roll (like small unit tactics) provide a bonus to initiative. This ofcourse all limited by the number or amount of sensory feeds it's getting.
The only "bad" thing I can see with this is the fact that in 4th edition it is VERY easy to get sensor information. Heck my Chaos Mage has thermo, lowlight, audio enhancement (ultra and subsonic hearing) in his cybereyes/ears, and an ultrasound sensor built into his lined coat. That gives me 4 sensors right there... and this is a mage. Thinking about a sammy... Ultrasound sensor, Radar, thermo, lowlight, audio enhancement, olfactory booster, and a simrig for the regular metahuman senses. That puts you at 11 senses... without that much Essence being used.

The Ultrasound, Radar, and olfactory booster could be built into a cyberlimb... as could the tactical computer. This makes it so that even more augmentation could be added.
QUOTE (OneTrikPony @ Aug 4 2009, 01:05 AM) *
It would be better if there was a small unit tactics skill in SR4.

How did it work back then? Could you use leadership skill to represent it? Maybe you can be more abstract and say leadership is not just for giving orders but also following orders?
3 members are required, with multiple channels each. personally, my solution would be for you to just pay the cost of 2 drones that are small enough to be conveniently carried on your person (if you want to get really crazy, the ares sentinel "R" series rail drones would be pretty ridiculous; mount into the armor (should be logically possible) one onto each shoulder, beef up their sensor systems to whatever level you need, and you've got your tactical network) i would say the simplest solution is to use their suggested optional rule number 1, and/or number 2. just install it in an implanted commlink, mount the extra drones (personally i would also allow you to use sensors external to the individual provided they don't require active control for some reason; i can't see enough of a difference between a sensor RFID with boosted range and a non-moving drone with sensors to disqualify it). probably it would also make sense to add in an attention coprocessor

if that doesn't work for you, i'm thinking you'd have to make something from scratch.
i think I'd still cap the bonus at 4 max regardless of how many diferent senses were wired into it. and the 5 basic senses don't count for a bonus.

I like the optional rule for Tactical AR initiative bonus where it only works through DNI.

The combat pool only effected combat tests. So the bonus would only be for ranged attack and melee tests as well as the stated bonus to reaction for Dodge and surprise tests.

It was a pain in the ass but way back in the CyberTechnology book the system had to "aquire targets' and the bonuses only applied to those opponents. So basically the skill test bonuses only apply to opponents against which you've made a successfull perception test.

And it funtions as a "small unit tactics' Knowsoft. or as a bonus to a "small unit tactics" knowledge skill. Hit's on the skill test (up to the current rating of the Tactical computer) can be added to initiative each turn. Rolled as a free action at the last phase of the previous turn. Team mates connected to the master unit through DNI can get the bonus too.
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