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Full Version: "Christmas in Shadowrunland"
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Christmas in Shadowrunland

+++++ Load file dunkycomm.fsa

"Tales from the Shadows will be back after these messages..."

[Snappy music and a happy blue cartoon dragon appear on screen. The dragon dances around the screen happily as a deep, clear voice speaks.]

"Dunkelzahn was a lovable, wonderful, magical dragon who changed so many lives and made the world a better place for everyone! While it's sad that now deceased, Dunkelzahn and his spirit live on!"

[Cartoon dissolves to a picture of a 3 year old ork holding a stuffed blue dragon.]

"Now, you can bring the magic home to your children this holiday season with Dunky, the Interactive Dragon! Using state of the art technology, Dunky sings, laughs and responds to your child, teaching them the message of love, hope, and peace that our beloved former president brought to everyone."

"Get your Dunky at all fine Toy Stores, Department Stores, Magic Shops, and Grocery Stores everywhere!"

[Closing happy song with the cartoon Dunkelzahn flyinga round, then a final still shot of a smiling 4 year old elf girl hugging her Dunky doll]

[Fade to black]

+++++ End dunkycomm.fsa

>>>>>[Anyone else feel like vomiting after seeing this piece of trash?]<<<<<

-- Who Me?

>>>>>[Yeah, but all I know is I'm putting a team together to hit the local toy store the night these fraggers come in. My kids have been on my case for months to find one. ANyone else want in? Payment is all the Dunky's you can carry.]<<<<<

-- Bull

>>>>>[Hell that's payment enough, Those things are worth a mint.]<<<<<

-- Mom on the Run

>>>>>[But they're so cute! My kids just adore the 4 I bought!]<<<<<

-- Mall Lemming

>>>>>[Bah. Biggest piece of propganda drek I've ever seen. Who the hell came up with this crap, anyways?]<<<<<

-- Sinnical

>>>>>[Apparently someone who slipped a licensing agreement past the Dunkelzahn Foundation without getting it checked out thoroughly. I wouldn't want to be that toy maker when Nadia Davier catches up with them.]<<<<<

-- LaBlue

>>>>>[Ya know, I woulda thought they'd have learned their lesson after that "Tickle-Me-Dunky" thing a couple years ago.]<<<<<

-- Justin Case

>>>>>[Hell, I'd have thought I'D have learned after that Tickle Me Dunky thing a couple years ago.]<<<<<

-- Bull

Merry Christmas everyone!


The Tickle My Dunky was a running joke on the ShadowRN Mailing List a couple years running, back around the time when the Tickle Me Elmo's were huge. I did up a handful of Shadowrun Trid commercials around this time, though this is the only one with Shadowland Commentary with it. Note that it's in the old 2nd edition style still.
Mr. Mage
That's. Awesome.

Is there any "Tickle-Me-Dunky" stuff(as in posts or trid samples, not an actual toy) online anywhere? Or was it only on the Mailing List? I would love to have seen that...
QUOTE (Mr. Mage @ Aug 6 2009, 03:17 PM) *
That's. Awesome.

Is there any "Tickle-Me-Dunky" stuff(as in posts or trid samples, not an actual toy) online anywhere? Or was it only on the Mailing List? I would love to have seen that...

Not really. It was pretty much just a running joke on RN. Someone at some point had done up a pattern for a stuffed dragon to for the Plush Dunky Toys that were also part of the same joke (Think Beanie Babies), but it's been over a decade since then. I don't think any of that stuff's still around. frown.gif
Mr. Mage
oh well... I'm definitely going to use this Trid commercial in one of my games though...I think the players will laugh...
frown.gif missing old ShadowRN.

Wounded Ronin
How jovial.
CodeBreaker must have one...
Tickle Me Dunkie Emotitoy
Now Dunky can help you and your little ones with etiquette and aid in your social and emotional development! Get your Tickle Me Dunkie Emotitoy now!
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