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Tom Collins
Ok, everyone has at least one of these stories to tell. Some run they pulled where things didn't go quite as planned. Maybe a runner fragged up or maybe the op. force pulled an unexpected stunt. Whatever the circumstances, at the height ot some crucial moment or in a moment of casual downtime, one of your runners does something that puts everyone in stiches. Post your favorites. (I appologize if this has been done before, but Im not going digging, and people are always getting new stories).

Here's my contribution.

My PC, Tom Collins, had been contracted to retrieve some nuclear fuel rods that had been stolen. Turns out that the toxic shaman Burning Bones had taken them and had them stashed down in glow city. A little legwork among the squatters and transients in glow city lets us know that he has stashed the rods in the abandoned reactors building (or whats left of it). After our rigger spends a few days scouting the place and we get one of our deckers to get floorplans. Another day getting equipment to haul out the rods and some protective gear, and with a route mapped out by the drones, we figure we can slide in, take the rods, and come back out with (hopefully) noone the wiser. We REALLY don't want to tango with the toxic, so we are planning to fight him ONLY as a last resort. We find the rods in the room with the reactor. We happen to come out on a catwalk about 2 floors above where they, and unfortunately Burning Bones and a bunch of goons, are. While Tom and most of the party pull back from the edge to remain undetected, our 2 sammies, Doc and Ash, are both standing on the catwalk looking down at the figures below. I'm starting to talk to our rigger and stockbroker (yes, long story, basically a freelance suit) about what we should do when Ash decides that now would be a good time to test out one of his new toys.

Ash: I'm going to fire my vigorous assualt cannon at the glowing dude.
Party:...... (we are just looking at him with stunned expressions)
GM: Ok.... He doesn't know you are there so roll.
(some dice roll)
Ash: (counts up successes) 7 successes
GM: Dang....(rolls some dice...rolls some more dice....rolls a few more dice while shaking his head) Um, it looks like Burning Bones is a splatter mark across about 10 sq. feet of real estate.
Ash: (Face has lit up like a small childs in candy store) ALL RIGHT
GM: Ok, so, you have any type of recoil comp. on that thing. Gyro or something?
Ash: ....Um, no. Why.
GM: (smiles) roll to stay standing.

Ash then proceeded to fail his roll, so the recoil on his massive cannon sends him sprawling across the catwalk. It is only at this point that Doc, who has been watching all this with the same wide eyed expression as the rest of us realizes something.

Doc: Um, about those goons..
GM: Yeah, there pulling out various guns. Guess who's the only one they can actually see....

Ash getting knocked over meant that when all the goons on the floor looked up, the only one they could see was (much to his chagrin) Doc. Needless to say, the rest of us found this highly amusing, and Doc had a little chat with Ash a little later.

There's my paltry story. Lets see what everyone else has.
Okay. A few of you know that I am one of Kagetenshi's players in Shadows of the Sixth World. Some of you have also heard of that run which he calls the Run From Hell.
Now, tonight, I shall share it with you.

The Transcript

EDIT: At some point, I'm going to splice in his private messages to me... which namely were the results of each of the times I rolled more successes than Yves on perception rolls. It makes it even worse. Plus, it includes my sobbing incoherently/screaming that I am going to slaughter Yves' player.

Also, I must state what happened after this. When Kitsune woke up, Yves was still out. She had a gun to his head for about fifteen minutes, but finally decided not to kill him.

Jon deducted Karma for me not shooting him.
The Strawberry Incident of roleplaying, it was.

Personally i would of shot him and thought nothing of it had i'd been playing my name sake.

Good laugh to read.
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