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Full Version: Combining things with other things
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I was doing some thinking. A dangerous exercise of the mind and the hands.

Anyways, I had some fun thoughts with luminescing FAB and ideas about wireless detection.

How about connecting it with different kinds of photoreceptors.

I bring you the FAB anal mage detector

Taking the idea of a stun baton, slimming it down for rectal probing was one of the new things in the third world. However, it wasn't until our friends at Yugo came up with a neat addition to it.

Instead of normal magecuffs or technomagecuffs we have a stun gun which is rectally inserted. Now whenever the mage intends to do anything the stun gun gives off a force level appropriate zap.

The new updated feature has one which measure Matrix traffic in the viscinity of the suppositor. An increase in traffic causes the stun baton to do its thing.*

*While we have not been able to find a willing subject it has tested quite high on our scientific pain measuring system, involving one troll, KY jelly, one commlink strapped to his chest, 100 angry telemarketers, and a 30 second head start.
You know.... when you said that thing about 'things men were not intended to know'...
You really weren't kidding.
I assume the matrix traffic detector works against both implanted commlink hackers and technomancers?
Both implanted and natural commlinks. It has also been known to go off in the presence of someone getting a commcall.
Hmm... what if a nearby guard happens to recieve a commcall? Or if a spirit or astrally projecting mage happens to move by...
Is there a very small range of activity?
Why am I even thinking about this?
Why exactly does it need to go in their ass? Am I the only one that thought of South Park?
Well, I suppose you could wedge it in an ear.
Or put it in a locked collar.
Attach it to their tongue, their gonads (ouch), their fingers, their eyeballs, whatever.
The rectal stun-baton's just a funnier image.
You are a bad, bad man.
I'm not even sure which out of us sadists you're talking about...
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