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A few years ago I had my shadowrun group investigate a disapearance that eventually tied back to an awakened tree inspired by an old legend. Now i seem to recall there actually being a version of such a creature in one of the books but I can't find it. Can someone point me in the right direction or did I invent this from my own mind. It's not a huge deal either way as I remember most of it's important aspects but wouldn't mind not having to create backstory from whole cloth.
Maybe a greatform plant spirit?
Or a greatform plant spirit possessing a tree?
Or even a greatform plant spirit possessi some sort of awakened ivy-style awakened tree?
I dunno. Any of these might work, but if you're looking for something specific, I don't remember...
i think it was on the old dumpshock archives because i remember using it once aswell.
Year of the Comet, the Sangre del Diablo. It had influence powers that would compel people to come up to it, then it would entangle them with viunes and feed off them.
Interesting, although strangely enough I'm pretty sure i ran this game before YOTC ever saw print. However i'll try and dig up my copy and look there.
YotC is the first instance of an awakened tree that I can think of as well. You may want to check out Paranormal Animals of North America as well.
Here's one
There is also a great Call of Cthulhu adventure using it.
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