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Full Version: Corporate Discriptions
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There was a source book put out for either 2nd or 3rd edition that detailed the Big Ten. Does any one remember what it was called and if it is available in PDF format?
I think you mean Corporate Download. As far as I am aware it is not available as an official PDF download, however you can get it in print from Amazon on the cheap.
There were 2 actually: Corporate Shadowfiles (2nd ed) and Corporate download (2nd/3rd). Shadow files basically is accurate until the FUchi implodes (2060's), and corporate down loads is accurate until crash 2.0.
Neither is available as a PDF though, huh? Just my luck. Thanks forr the responce. smile.gif
I think the SR4 corp book is on the way "soon."
While some of the Corporate Download is simply reprinted from Corporate Shadowfiles, which always annoys me, it is useful in it's own right. I recommend snagging them both if you can.
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