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Full Version: Real Life BTLs
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The controversial nature of the experiment aside, isn't this almost exactly a precursor to BTLs? One of the comments talks about the test rat forgetting to eat or drink and thus died of starvation.

This could also be used in other forms of Pavlovian behavioral modification. Heaven help us if they ever invent aerosolized nanotech like this.

You see a product advertisement, and blam they blast you with joyful feelings.
Hm, is this actually real?
Wow....all that is missing is the organized crime connection and the pretty pictures.
Hmm... Assuming this is actually real, that's REALLY fucked up. Like SERIOUSLY...
i ignored it seeing as the website is called museum of hoaxes
It's on a page called the frigging MUSEUM OF HOAXES people . .
Rayzorblades Another related link.
Damn, Stahl, I should have noticed that. Sad part is that among the guys I know, I'm usually the one who points these things out...
*snickers* leave it to the big dumb troll to be one of the first to notice something like that ^^
That wasn't the only place I found it however. And the museum of hoaxes guy is writing a book about bizarre unbelievable experiments which actually happened. This experiment being one of them.
So it's premature to put it on the main news page yet, right?
Ancient History
Minus attempting to use it to Pavlov-train someone into being heterosexual, the idea of direct electrical stimulation of the pleasure center has been used in science fiction before - specifically, Larry Niven's Known Space stories, where it was available as either a direct neural implant or a wireless device (tasp) that could be used from afar. Niven's adepts were known as "wireheads," and I think his best work on them was in The Ringworld Engineers, when a character describes literally living under the wire.
the rat part at least is correct, tho the function of the area of the brain they stimulated was misunderstood:

one thing tho, this is more like the wireheads found in lary nivens writings then BTL (tho i guess it could be seen as a single emotion BTL cranked to 11).
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