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Full Version: Called shots in Melee
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Phelan Patrick
According to the rules:

Called Shots
Characters using melee weapons may call shots;

Does this mean you cant call shots when unarmed?
*shakes magic 8-ball*

Magic 8-ball says "there's a good possibility."

*throws magic 8-ball out window*

Fuck that shit. Common sense says there's no reason not to. Go with RAI and let unarmed get its called shots. If unarmed didn't get called shots, why would the martial arts style Wildcat give a bonus to them? Nothing ever says anything about Wildcat using weapons.
Phelan Patrick
that magic 8 ball stuff cracked me up =D

i'm inclined to go with logic as you said but just wondering if there are any official ruling about it like errata or anything. (I hav the 20th anniv version of SR4)
The 20th anniversary version of SR4 is often abbreviated SR4A, in case you didn't know. Also, I'm quite glad you were entertained! Humor works better with things like voice tone and comedic timing, but it's good when a bit of it makes the transition through the internet intact. I think I'd rather make people laugh than add something intelligent to most discussions.

Finally, no official errata to my knowledge. Some people have asserted that SR4A, even new as it is, needs some errata, but I'm not aware of any existing now.
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