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Ok, we're working on the name for the Magazine. I'm not guaranteeing we'll go with the winning title here (We have some ideas of our own), but... We figured we'd toss some of the ideas out there and see what you guys liked, and see if anyone had any really good suggestions to add in.

So... What do you all think?
The Syndicate

Sorry could not come up with any other name for the syndication except maybe Bar Sinister.
To be honest, I'm partial to Dumpshock Magazine.
How about 'Jackpoint' or 'Jacked In'? Granted that leaves out the magical side of things, sort of.


I like Bull's Bar and Grill-We could go with a matrix bar theme.

QUOTE (Freejack @ Aug 22 2009, 08:58 PM) *
How about 'Jackpoint' or 'Jacked In'? Granted that leaves out the magical side of things, sort of.


Well, Jackpoint is already the name of Fastjack's official VPN, so we should steer clear of that wink.gif

Also, I'll be naming both the Magazine and Bull's VPN for the fiction section of the magazine, so... We may need a couple names smile.gif
How about calling it the Bull Pen?

Digital Karma ?

Dunklezahn's Will-E?

IC Cream?

The Captain's Chair?(a nod to the late Captain Chaos)

I.W.S.D.T.B?(I Would Seriously Do TurboBunny) grinbig.gif

Prime Numbers?

Exchange Node Alpha?

Ork Love?

BTL juice?

Simsense Vertigo?

Devil Rat On A Stick?

Kanis Doesn't Need More Coffee? grinbig.gif

What ever ya call it I'll be there. spin.gif spin.gif
I voted for Dumpshock Magazine. It may be simple, but it just feels right.

the Orbital

Shadow thread

Run Times

the Edge

I'm a fan of ShadowSea or Dumpshock NewsNet. That being said, with the options available I went with Dumpshock Data Haven. I agree with what most seem to be hinting at in that the name should be flavorful so to speak. The setting is such a huge part of SR, and so a SR publication should feel like part of the setting.
Dark Souls VPN?

A magazine about Shadowrun
A magazine from people using Dumpshock message boards
A magazine offering additional Shadowrun material

Why not be radical and call it The Shadowrun Supplemental ??
Ol' Scratch
Nah. It should totally fulfill Bull's sad little dreams of narcissism instead. Afterall, he recently discovered that SR1 and SR4 are very different! With such amazing insight, I know I'd clamor to read a magazine named after him!

Acidic sarcasm aside, I'm with the Shadowrun Supplemental. Straight and to the point.
It occurs to me that calling it Dumpshock Magazine will give it the cred and name recognition that Dumpshock already has.

Just a thought.
True, but if the mag crashes and burns it might hurt Dumpshock.
I voted for Dumpshock Data Haven, but I like the straight up Dumpshock Magazine as well. Either way, I am looking forward to both contributing to the 'zine, and utilizing the contributions others make.
Caine Hazen
TSS was bandied about early in the process, the project was even conceived on the fact that we resurrect that 'zine. We did present that to Adam and ask him about the name, and he was thinking over the concept of turning it over to us. We decided after discussions at GenCon that TSS was Adam's project and we would steer away from using it as we were not going to entirely duplicate what he had done there.

On the DS name point, as Dr Funk has so succinctly pointed out, DS doesn't always have the best of attitudes to have cred (maybe some notoriety). However, using the DS name would not bring the site down in any way... so a crash and burn on the mag doesn't make DS have issues as well.

Kanis, cut back on the drugs... you're gonna hurt yourself. grinbig.gif rotfl.gif
Ahh Funk, warms my heart to see you posting again wink.gif

Anyways, for the recrd, "Bull's Mobile Bar & Grill" was posted at Caine Hazen's insistence. I wanted to go with more "straight" ideas for titles. smile.gif

And any writing project that any writer embarks on that they plan to publish smacks of narcissism to some degree. Any writer who tells you otherwise is lying, either to you, or to themselves. smile.gif Otherwise, why write? And more importantly, why publish what you do write?
Dumpshock UV
Alright, this one may get scorned for being a pop culture reference, but might I suggest Tech Noir?
Phylos Fett
TSS sounds good to me!
Chrome Tiger
Ya know, cornering Adam and grabbing TSS from him might not be too bad an idea. TSS has not seen an update in quite a while, it is a good name with recognition and it rolls, and half the work is already done! wink.gif Scoop it up under new management, revert it back to its 'zine format, and I think it would work.
QUOTE (RunnerPaul @ Aug 23 2009, 10:15 PM) *
Alright, this one may get scorned for being a pop culture reference, but might I suggest Tech Noir?

Wow. You win.
QUOTE (Chrome Tiger @ Aug 24 2009, 04:46 AM) *
TSS has not seen an update in quite a while...

Yeah, Adam must be busy doing something else... can't imagine what it might be... grinbig.gif
I like "The Shadowrun Supplemental". But if it's not available, then Dumpshock Magazine is simple and to the point. Novelties wear off quickly (though "Dunklezahn's Will-E" has the potential to keep me childishly amused for years).

Having Shadowrun in the title is a plus, to me. Amazingly, not everyone who buys Shadowrun may know about Dumpshock, perhaps? Shadowrun Magazine?

How about Shadowrun Montly, just to make it mortifyingly embarrasing if you miss an issue, Bull? wink.gif biggrin.gif
Given Dumpshock is listed on the credits page of the books, I'd hope they know about us!

EDIT: Aww, we got left out of RW and SR4A! Suck!
Not everyone who plays Shadowrun knows about Dumpshock, and of those that do, only a fraction actually read the forums, let alone actively post here.

Plus, Dumpshock has a somewhat bad reputation on some of the other bigger boards, one that sadly it earned a few years back when we didn't have any real moderation in place (Just me and Adam, and both of us were busy elsewhere). It breaks my heart a little every time I see someone get referred to Dumpshock for Shadowrun info, and either they or someone else pipes up talking about how negative the attitude is here, or how it's nothing but arguments and flamewars, etc. To a degree that's out of date information as we've been trying very hard to clean that up and prevent those sorts of things from happening the last couple years, but the opinion and that view of DS still stands.

Because of this, I've actually had a couple folks who've told me that Dumpshock should NOT be in the title anywhere, and that we should try and divorce the magazine from the site completely.

WHich I strongly disagree with. Dumpshock has it's past, and there's nothing I can do about that. Bu8t I am doing something about the present and the future. Shadowrun used to have a pretty cohesive online community, and a very strong and active one at that. And I think in the last 5 or 10 years, pretty much ever since FASA closed down, that's slowly fallen apart. We've fragmented, there's no real single repository for fan created material anymore, and there's no real active entity in place to encourage creativity in the fan base.

A magazine is, I think, the first big step toward rekindling this some. We have some plans for Dumpshock as a whole, beyond just the forums. Hell, when we started Deep Resonance, we didn't even HAVE forums. DR was designed as a collection of fan resources, a way to collect all the great (and in my own websites case, not so great wink.gif) material that had been developed by the various writers and fans over the years. Eventually the foums came to dominate, and as the original site authors have fallen away from the game, their sites became stagnant or disappeared altogether. Now, we pretty much just have the forums.

I want more than that for this site. I want more than that for the fans. Hell, I want more than that for myself. I'm selfish that way. smile.gif

As I said, the magazine is a first, and potentially big, step toward that end. It gives us an active place to create and puiblish information. Stories, crunchy bits, in game fluff, whatever. It gives us a way to help rebuild the Dumpshock brand name a bit. And, we're not in this alone. We have a pretty close relationship with the SR guys at Catalyst. We'll get a little help and support for the magazine there. Something like the magazine is good for the game, is good for the license. The Powers That Be know this, so I suspect that as long as we're turning out a solid magazine on a timely fashion (Which is very much my goal), we'll see some support and some recognition on their end. So I'm not really too worried about the Magazine having Shadowrun in the title. A lot of Fanzine's don't have the actual game name in them, and do just fine.

Anyways, sorry about the rambling post. THis is something I've been thinking about a lot for the last couple months, and something I feel very strongly about. Shadowrun's doing well, sales-wise. But if you compare it's online fan presence to almost any other big name game out there (And even quite a few smaller games), we're lacking these days. There's only a couple people, and a couple sites out there really trying to create anything for the game, and we're fractured. We need to repair that, and then build on it if we want to help the game move forward.

I shied away from taking a look at Dumpshock for a while, due to the way people portrayed the negativity here on one of the large forums to which you refer. Suffice to say, once I actually decided to take a look for myself, I discovered that there is actually some great discussion going on here, and very little of that supposed negativity.

It may take some time to completely heal the previous damage done to the Dumpshock rep, however, you can take me as an example that things are already turning around.
QUOTE (Kerrang @ Aug 24 2009, 03:09 PM) *
I shied away from taking a look at Dumpshock for a while, due to the way people portrayed the negativity here on one of the large forums to which you refer. Suffice to say, once I actually decided to take a look for myself, I discovered that there is actually some great discussion going on here, and very little of that supposed negativity.

It may take some time to completely heal the previous damage done to the Dumpshock rep, however, you can take me as an example that things are already turning around.

Glad to hear it Kerrang, and glad to have you here at DSF smile.gif
I used to run Edgerunner, the Cpyberpunk 2020 fanzine a while ago.

If you want any observations by pm I am happy to share.
Okay then, given what you (Bull) have just said, it seems that you should call the magazine Dumpshock Magazine. You're putting more work into this than anyone else so you have some privilege in naming it and by the look of the poll it would not be an unpopular choice.

I'm actually leaning toward Dumpshock Data Haven, but I definably want to hear what others think. I'm not ruling anything out, and just because I don't agree with something 100% doesn't mean I'm dismissing it totally (Other than the idea of divorcing the magazine from Dumpshock totally).

And while I'm basically the vocal figurehead here at the moment, Caine Hazen and I have spent a lot of time talking over things offline, and he's very much my partner in crime on this. In fact, he's the one that suggested we try this in the first place.

PLus, when all is said and done, there will be a bunch of people responsible for things, most of all the contributing authors. All I'm doing is making sure it all comes together.
I voted for "DS Data Haven," but what about "Deep Resonance?" Link back to the beginnings of Dumpshock and all that.
Dumpshock data haven is a little long for my taste... But you could call it "Bull's unbelievably detailed tribute to kitten torture" and i'd still be all about it
data heaven sound's good to me

may I propose ; 6th world magazine

Hmmm-How about the DS Monthly Screamsheet (quarterly if we do it quarterly) for short and sweet. Also-on the DS main page would be a link as well as sticky on the main page.
For format, I'd go with a PDF. Makes for easy formatting, and less hassle html programming. Plus, just about everybody online uses it.
If you are planning a website with regularly updated content, I would go with Dumpshock Data Haven.

However if you plan on a PDF format magazine, I would go with Dumpshocked.

The former implies a place to look for and find information, the latter just feels more like the title of a publication.
Honestly, I still have my own share of things I do not like about Dumpshock, like the tendency to try and houserule everything...I havepretty much stopped asking rules questions here, becuse I can never tell when someone is giving
an actual rule, or one of their house rules.

So, I agree that Dumpshock Magazine is probably not a good title. Unfortunately, Dumpshock is the official unofficial forums(I mean, even the FAQ on the Shadowrun site directs people here..)..So, really..I have no idea...
Dumpshock Exchange

Dumpshock Data Exchange
Dumpshock Data Feed
Dumpshock Feed (Sounds agrarian)

I also like MJBUrrage's Dumpshocked!

Dumpshock Broadsides (old school)
Dumpshock Press
Dumpshock Sheets

Dumpshock Stream (kind of resonates...)

Dumpshock Edge
I think that "Dumpshocked" would fit well. Simple. Maybe with a subtitle of "Shadowrun's Fan Magazine".
If you do something like Dumpshock Magazine, it would look a lot snazzier abbreviated (to DSM), IMO.
hmmm... i have to say, i also like Dumpshocked! as the magazine name. it really does sound more like a magazine name. links it to the site as well, which doesn't sound like a bad idea.

but yeah, definitely... i like it better than most of the default poll options. none of them really resonated with me, for lack of a better way to put it.
Yeah, Dumpshocked is good. I support that option.
Want to learn more about the 6th world? Get Dumpshocked!
I voted for Bull's Mobile Bar & Grill, but Dumpshocked! sound even better.

Ok, dropping this off Sticky. If all goes as planned, I should have some more info in a little while to post!
Dumpshock Magazine!
Agreed, I like Dumpshocked!!!
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